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March 31st, 2010


What is Feng Shui?  Prior to this interview I could only tell you a little bit about it.  Then I read a book but it was more of a Chinese understanding of the practice, after talking to Stephen I realized there is so much more, as with all things.  Is this another one of the many ancient teachings that seem to be resurfacing?  Is it possible that there are energies around us that we can use to our advantage?  What are we at our core?  Energy?  Isn't all energy connected?  How can so many cultures believe so strongly in similar things?  Stephen tells me some interesting things about Feng Shui and his own experiences.  At the end of the interview he does a couple of mantra's that I found really interesting, maybe even beneficial?

Here's a question from left field?  Could the energy in your home be condusive to spirt activity?  In other words, does the energy of your home have the ability to draw spirits in?  If that is true, can you change that energy by understanding Feng Shui?

To find out more about Stephen:   www.fengshuihomes.net

It's kind of weird because last week Little Fox made a comment about Feng Shui and this week I have an interview about it.  None of this was planned.  Many weeks I don't know who is going to be a guest until a couple of days prior.


March 24th, 2010

Thanks tolittlefox.jpg Shawn Neff for this next interview with a man that goes by his native name Little Fox.

I was able to find some info on my guest this week as he appreared at an event called The Santuary of Light and he was just at Shawn Neff's Santuary of The Unified Heart.  What is this all about?  Well, as you know I'm always looking for answers to the unknown.  I had no idea who this man is or how our interview would go, but I thought I'd give it a shot.  I am glad I got to speak with Little Fox, he is very knowlegable about indigenous peoples, current changes and science, and what some would term spituality.  Now, I don't want to be preached to and neither do you, right?  Well Little Fox doesn't do that.  I did like that fact that he was able to make me think by presenting some scientific facts about changes that our happening here on the planet.  Is this another 2012 show?  Not exactly.  Also, he told me some things that he had no way of knowing.  Is he a prophet?  I don't think so, but I do think there is something very unique about this man, he strikes me as a very intelligent, gentle spirit.  I hope I get a chance to speak with him again, I really enjoyed this interview.  He had so many answers.  Below is a little bit of a bio on Little Fox.

Hailing from four of the original "Ancient" indigenous tribes in the New England area,  he was named by his tribal elders as "The Little Fox" (or Wa`GOSH in the Algonquin language). For they are "The Silver Fox People" (The Mashantucket Pequots) of the Mystical Connecticut seacoast.  In the past three years, Little Fox has been in constant travel in service to the planetary crystalline grid re-alignments and energy gestalt (star-gates, vortexes, portals & grid) with activations all across the United States, Canada, Europe & Mexico.

So what does that all mean?  I really don't know 100% for sure, but I find it interesting.  It seems there are those who believe (myself included somewhat) that they are here to help bring in a change of some sort.  It's different with almost all that I've talked to who believe in this.  So I really don't know who could be right, or if there will be any change at all, I just believe something is happening.  Do you feel a change in things around you and yourself? 

Little Foxes email is:  familygatherings@live.com


March 16th, 2010

David Twichell attended the UFO Congress in Laughlin Neveda just a short time ago and got to fireintheskypic.jpgspend some time with other ufo enthusiasts and meet some of the special guests.  One of the people he talked to was Travis Walton, who was the inspiration for the movie Fire In The Sky.  The movie is based on a true story.  Well, based is not that close to the real truth.  I don't know why Hollywood didn't just make it the way Travis tells his story, it certainly is interesting enough for me.  Perhaps, like myself, the movie is what draws you in and then you seek a more accurate version when the opportunity presents itself.  A couple of things about this story.  One, it took place back in 1975 and no one in their right mind would be talking about ufo's too loudly back then.  Two, there were six witnesses who put their neck on the line with the authorities to report Travis missing.  The authorities assumed the men killed Travis, they were close to being charged with murder until Travis showed back up.  Three, there seems to be some physical evidence in the area that affected one or more of the trees.

Are beings from another place or world coming here?  If so, why?  Is there more than one race that is visiting us?  How do they get here?  Have they been coming here for a long long time?  Is there evidence of these visitations in the Bible as David suggests in one of his books? 


Every life has purpose, some are driven to build bridges, or skyscrapers.  Others are driven to write or create or whatever.  Some are driven to follow ufo's.  Why?  David's first encounter, as we talk about in this interview, was in 1962 and it changed his life forever.  Similarly my first encounter was in 1968 and my most recent was 1992.  What I really like about this man is his humility and sense of humor, it's like we are two of a kind.  I'm sure you've felt that with others you have met before, right?   If we lived closer I could see hanging with David quite a bit, not because we both have a similar interest, but for who he is a person.  David is respectfull of others and doesn't jam his opinions down your throat, a familiar theme with almost all of my guests.  He takes a scientific approach to his work, and keeps an open mind. 

David's website:  www.ufoimplications.com


March 11th, 2010







Love conquers all things.  When Mike Labre was told that his dad, Rene, had alzheimers back in the 90's he refused to give up.  Even though dealing with his own challenges of severe hearing and vision loss, he found a way.  I've had Mike on the show once before but this time he's back and he brought a guest.  His name is Dr. Brian Moreavec, a chiropracter from Escanaba Michigan.  Brian is Mike's neighbor and has witnessed first hand Rene's amazing recovery.  I was a witness as well, somewhat.  I saw his dad in an emaciated state during the progression of the disease but then later saw the video of Rene, after he passed, and you could see that he was literally getting better.  So this week we talk a bit to the good doc and his involvement in Mike and Rene's life.  Mike tells the story too.  It is remarkable in many ways.  One, that his dad actually started to recover from alzheimers at the age of 88.  He lived til he was 90.  He got to spend his final time at home and he also began to recognize his own son again.  Mike had discovered this natural substance called glyconutrients and an effect called bouncing which both became beneficial in Rene's healing.  How many of us would just put a family member in a home, and I wouldn't blame anyone for doing that, but Mike chose another option.

As for Mike's health, it's slowly been improving thanks to the doc, bouncing and the glyconutrition.  As least we believe that is the reason why.  Mike continues to work on his documentary, which I am assisting with, Cocoons Of Hope. 

Alzheimers is a devastating disease, especially for caretakers and loved ones.  Eventually the subject no longer remembers anyone, in Mike's case Rene kept punching him because he didn't know who he was.  In the end though, his dad smiled at him and responded to him, he even said his name.  How does that happen, there isn't a cure for alzheimers, is there?  Well, this show is about the unknown, and natural medicine seems for some reason to be unknown.

In many ways it is such a blessing to be around Mike, because of his own challenges he has not been exposed to other things that most of us have.  This has kept him pure and extremely humble in my opinion, everyone should be so fortunate to know a person like him.  And Dr. Moreavec, well, he truly is treating others for all the right reasons, with his heart.

Dr. Moreavec's site:  www.deltachiro.com

500 Ludington St. • Escanaba, MI 49829 • Phone: 906-789-5868 • Fax: 906-789-5636


March 2nd, 2010

HYPNO1images.jpgWhen I was a lad I used to think that hypnotist's were often like the one seen in this picture.  Somehow they had the ability to move into our subconcious and control us.  Some could do devious things to us while we were under.  While some of that may be somewhat true there is a lot more than meets the third eye, so to speak.  First, did you know that there is a course that a registered hypnotist has to take?  Second, do you think those that take this seriously do this just for parlor games?  So forget all of the stereotypes and what you see in the movies, because as we have discussed and found out in many prior shows, it's not accurate!  It almost never is on tv and in the movies.

Tom LaFrambois is a registered hypnotist from Indian River Michigan.  He has been at this for over 25 years.  He had an interest when he was 9 years old and did self hypnosis on himself.  What's the purpose?  To unlock secrets from within.  Some say our outer thoughts are of the concious mind and we don't begin to understand our subconcious mind.  The true part of who we truly are.  Yet it is always there, just waiting for the day when we begin to recognize it.  By unlocking the subconcious we can understand our current circumstances and why things are the way they are.  Some believe we can even reprogram the subconcious to make our world the way we want it to be.  If hypnotism truly is an accurate tool for delving into the unknown part of our being, well just imagine what each of us could learn about ourselves. 

Tom's email:  passacaglia06@yahoo.com   INNERAWARE3images.jpg

How great would it be to find out why you have this one habit or affliction that is detrimental to your well being?  How great would it be to know that you can change it?  How great would it be to know that there are no limitations on what you can become?


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