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What is Feng Shui?  Prior to this interview I could only tell you a little bit about it.  Then I read a book but it was more of a Chinese understanding of the practice, after talking to Stephen I realized there is so much more, as with all things.  Is this another one of the many ancient teachings that seem to be resurfacing?  Is it possible that there are energies around us that we can use to our advantage?  What are we at our core?  Energy?  Isn't all energy connected?  How can so many cultures believe so strongly in similar things?  Stephen tells me some interesting things about Feng Shui and his own experiences.  At the end of the interview he does a couple of mantra's that I found really interesting, maybe even beneficial?

Here's a question from left field?  Could the energy in your home be condusive to spirt activity?  In other words, does the energy of your home have the ability to draw spirits in?  If that is true, can you change that energy by understanding Feng Shui?

To find out more about Stephen:   www.fengshuihomes.net

It's kind of weird because last week Little Fox made a comment about Feng Shui and this week I have an interview about it.  None of this was planned.  Many weeks I don't know who is going to be a guest until a couple of days prior.

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