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David Twichell attended the UFO Congress in Laughlin Neveda just a short time ago and got to fireintheskypic.jpgspend some time with other ufo enthusiasts and meet some of the special guests.  One of the people he talked to was Travis Walton, who was the inspiration for the movie Fire In The Sky.  The movie is based on a true story.  Well, based is not that close to the real truth.  I don't know why Hollywood didn't just make it the way Travis tells his story, it certainly is interesting enough for me.  Perhaps, like myself, the movie is what draws you in and then you seek a more accurate version when the opportunity presents itself.  A couple of things about this story.  One, it took place back in 1975 and no one in their right mind would be talking about ufo's too loudly back then.  Two, there were six witnesses who put their neck on the line with the authorities to report Travis missing.  The authorities assumed the men killed Travis, they were close to being charged with murder until Travis showed back up.  Three, there seems to be some physical evidence in the area that affected one or more of the trees.

Are beings from another place or world coming here?  If so, why?  Is there more than one race that is visiting us?  How do they get here?  Have they been coming here for a long long time?  Is there evidence of these visitations in the Bible as David suggests in one of his books? 


Every life has purpose, some are driven to build bridges, or skyscrapers.  Others are driven to write or create or whatever.  Some are driven to follow ufo's.  Why?  David's first encounter, as we talk about in this interview, was in 1962 and it changed his life forever.  Similarly my first encounter was in 1968 and my most recent was 1992.  What I really like about this man is his humility and sense of humor, it's like we are two of a kind.  I'm sure you've felt that with others you have met before, right?   If we lived closer I could see hanging with David quite a bit, not because we both have a similar interest, but for who he is a person.  David is respectfull of others and doesn't jam his opinions down your throat, a familiar theme with almost all of my guests.  He takes a scientific approach to his work, and keeps an open mind. 

David's website:  www.ufoimplications.com

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