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HYPNO1images.jpgWhen I was a lad I used to think that hypnotist's were often like the one seen in this picture.  Somehow they had the ability to move into our subconcious and control us.  Some could do devious things to us while we were under.  While some of that may be somewhat true there is a lot more than meets the third eye, so to speak.  First, did you know that there is a course that a registered hypnotist has to take?  Second, do you think those that take this seriously do this just for parlor games?  So forget all of the stereotypes and what you see in the movies, because as we have discussed and found out in many prior shows, it's not accurate!  It almost never is on tv and in the movies.

Tom LaFrambois is a registered hypnotist from Indian River Michigan.  He has been at this for over 25 years.  He had an interest when he was 9 years old and did self hypnosis on himself.  What's the purpose?  To unlock secrets from within.  Some say our outer thoughts are of the concious mind and we don't begin to understand our subconcious mind.  The true part of who we truly are.  Yet it is always there, just waiting for the day when we begin to recognize it.  By unlocking the subconcious we can understand our current circumstances and why things are the way they are.  Some believe we can even reprogram the subconcious to make our world the way we want it to be.  If hypnotism truly is an accurate tool for delving into the unknown part of our being, well just imagine what each of us could learn about ourselves. 

Tom's email:  passacaglia06@yahoo.com   INNERAWARE3images.jpg

How great would it be to find out why you have this one habit or affliction that is detrimental to your well being?  How great would it be to know that you can change it?  How great would it be to know that there are no limitations on what you can become?

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