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Love conquers all things.  When Mike Labre was told that his dad, Rene, had alzheimers back in the 90's he refused to give up.  Even though dealing with his own challenges of severe hearing and vision loss, he found a way.  I've had Mike on the show once before but this time he's back and he brought a guest.  His name is Dr. Brian Moreavec, a chiropracter from Escanaba Michigan.  Brian is Mike's neighbor and has witnessed first hand Rene's amazing recovery.  I was a witness as well, somewhat.  I saw his dad in an emaciated state during the progression of the disease but then later saw the video of Rene, after he passed, and you could see that he was literally getting better.  So this week we talk a bit to the good doc and his involvement in Mike and Rene's life.  Mike tells the story too.  It is remarkable in many ways.  One, that his dad actually started to recover from alzheimers at the age of 88.  He lived til he was 90.  He got to spend his final time at home and he also began to recognize his own son again.  Mike had discovered this natural substance called glyconutrients and an effect called bouncing which both became beneficial in Rene's healing.  How many of us would just put a family member in a home, and I wouldn't blame anyone for doing that, but Mike chose another option.

As for Mike's health, it's slowly been improving thanks to the doc, bouncing and the glyconutrition.  As least we believe that is the reason why.  Mike continues to work on his documentary, which I am assisting with, Cocoons Of Hope. 

Alzheimers is a devastating disease, especially for caretakers and loved ones.  Eventually the subject no longer remembers anyone, in Mike's case Rene kept punching him because he didn't know who he was.  In the end though, his dad smiled at him and responded to him, he even said his name.  How does that happen, there isn't a cure for alzheimers, is there?  Well, this show is about the unknown, and natural medicine seems for some reason to be unknown.

In many ways it is such a blessing to be around Mike, because of his own challenges he has not been exposed to other things that most of us have.  This has kept him pure and extremely humble in my opinion, everyone should be so fortunate to know a person like him.  And Dr. Moreavec, well, he truly is treating others for all the right reasons, with his heart.

Dr. Moreavec's site:  www.deltachiro.com

500 Ludington St. • Escanaba, MI 49829 • Phone: 906-789-5868 • Fax: 906-789-5636
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