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Thanks tolittlefox.jpg Shawn Neff for this next interview with a man that goes by his native name Little Fox.

I was able to find some info on my guest this week as he appreared at an event called The Santuary of Light and he was just at Shawn Neff's Santuary of The Unified Heart.  What is this all about?  Well, as you know I'm always looking for answers to the unknown.  I had no idea who this man is or how our interview would go, but I thought I'd give it a shot.  I am glad I got to speak with Little Fox, he is very knowlegable about indigenous peoples, current changes and science, and what some would term spituality.  Now, I don't want to be preached to and neither do you, right?  Well Little Fox doesn't do that.  I did like that fact that he was able to make me think by presenting some scientific facts about changes that our happening here on the planet.  Is this another 2012 show?  Not exactly.  Also, he told me some things that he had no way of knowing.  Is he a prophet?  I don't think so, but I do think there is something very unique about this man, he strikes me as a very intelligent, gentle spirit.  I hope I get a chance to speak with him again, I really enjoyed this interview.  He had so many answers.  Below is a little bit of a bio on Little Fox.

Hailing from four of the original "Ancient" indigenous tribes in the New England area,  he was named by his tribal elders as "The Little Fox" (or Wa`GOSH in the Algonquin language). For they are "The Silver Fox People" (The Mashantucket Pequots) of the Mystical Connecticut seacoast.  In the past three years, Little Fox has been in constant travel in service to the planetary crystalline grid re-alignments and energy gestalt (star-gates, vortexes, portals & grid) with activations all across the United States, Canada, Europe & Mexico.

So what does that all mean?  I really don't know 100% for sure, but I find it interesting.  It seems there are those who believe (myself included somewhat) that they are here to help bring in a change of some sort.  It's different with almost all that I've talked to who believe in this.  So I really don't know who could be right, or if there will be any change at all, I just believe something is happening.  Do you feel a change in things around you and yourself? 

Little Foxes email is:  familygatherings@live.com

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