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July 30th, 2009

feschinolulu.jpgThe year was 1952.  According to hundreds of eyewitness testimonies, something was going on over the skies of the United States.  Frank Feshino Jr. has been on the show before reporting on The Flatwoods Monster, one of his other books.  This time I bring him back so that we can follow up with his other book called; Shoot Them Down.  Frank spent 18 years of his life researching this one incident in our history that most of us have never even heard of.  Is it that easy for our government to cover a story up?  Well, at the time it did get quite a bit of press but it never got national coverage.  Now why is that?  Were there aliens that arrived in ships back then?  What were they doing here?  Did we attempt to shoot them down?  What happened to many of the pilots from around that era who just dissappeared? 

Mrs. Kathleen May, an original witness recently passed away.  Frank has a dedication on his site to her.   www.flatwoodsmonster.com   It took Frank a long time to gain the trust of the locals in West Virginia, now they see him like family.  Frank does too, I believe.

By the way, some of you may have heard the original version that wasn't completely edited down.  Oops!  I did change it and if you want to hear what you weren't supposed to hear, it's at the end of the interview.  It's really nothing, just Frank and I planning our strategy for the next segment.  Normally I listen back to my inteviews once they are edited, I didn't this time.  Some of you got to hear a little more behind the scenes than usual, think of it as bonus coverage.   Frank really is quite the character, and I mean it in a good way.  He has many stories to tell and they are always colorfull, perhaps the next time we chat we can go down that road a bit!


July 22nd, 2009

6a00d8341bf67c53ef0115718d81e4970b-320wi.jpgDavid Twichell joins me as we discuss the anniversary of the lunar landing. Many of us remember what we were doing on that day. I remember watching it with my mother and brother. Did you know that there is some audio of Neil Armstrong discussing with Houston an unknown large craft that is nearby? Mission Contol is trying to get Mr. Armstrong to go to a secure channel. David has added a link in the shout box if you want to listen. David also talks about this incident in his book; The UFO Jesus Connection.

Are there alien bases on the moon? We discuss that and more. David also goes into some of his investigations with MUFON. Coming in September I am going to be a guest on David's internet and radio show.


David Twichell's website: www.ufoimplications.com


July 15th, 2009

2250551330093612386NalbAl_th.jpgFinally getting back to real shows after two weeks of filler.  Sorry about that chief.  Isn't that what Maxwell Smart used to always say.  This week Duane talks about many interesting things: How things are all connected, our journey, the vibrations associated with intent, the little people, and much more.  Remember learning in history about ancient cultures making offerings, history would say it was to the gods.  Was it?  Maybe with some cultures.  Was there really another purpose?  If you listen closely you may hear another explanation.  I really didn't even notice it when we first did the interview.  After Duane said it, it made a lot of sense to me.  It also made me realize that someone isn't being honest with me.  Our history books maybe?  Could that be deliberate or just a misunderstanding?  I don't know how it could be when it is so clearly spoken.  Do you see what I'm getting at?  Whatever the case it does not matter, but I feel it is worth mentioning.  We talk about healing, I have seen it done and I have seen what they fortold come true.  I refer to a personal experience. 

In the third segment Duane goes off the deep end, and I'm right there with him.  Again, because he speaks on a very relaxed level, if you're not paying attention it you may pass over it.  He does not make a big deal about it.  Before, when someone would tell me something unbelievable and didn't get exited about it I didn't believe them.  Now I know differently, experience makes us calmer- or perhaps the truth makes us calmer.  We lose fear.  I hope you see that in Duane's words when he talks about some of the unknown phenomena. 

If you google Duane Kinnart you will find out that he has been involved in many projects.  From Chicago to New York to foreign countries.  Duane and others go wherever they are needed.  They drop what they are doing to help.  Why?  Many reasons I'm sure.  One, to heal the earth.  They harm no one, they only go in peace and love.  How come the media doesn't report on that?



July 9th, 2009

nessie.jpg Man it was great to go on vacation.  Each year it gets a little more difficult to come back.  My vacations are pretty laid back and peaceful.  I went down the Autrain river with my father in law and saw something a bit unusual.  I took a photo as you can see.  Looks like some sort of sea creature.  Hmm. Uh, maybe that's not exactly the truth. Actually we saw a golden eagle at close range.  He later told me a story about his own close encounter with one of these birds.  Pretty interesting, what does it mean?  Does it mean anything?  Bob (dad-in-law) saw one in 1972 when he was working on his house, it was no further than four feet from him.  It was just staring at him.  He let out a scream.  It didn't leave, at least for a while.  Interesting, right?  Last year I saw what I believe could be a golden eagle not far from Bob's cabin on Camp 7 lake.  The eagle we saw on the Autrain was no more than twenty feet from me and instead of flying off it just flew off to nearby branch.  All of this is not in this show but I thought I would share it with you, perhaps in the future I will discuss this. 

You ever hear of the renowned paranormal investigator named Red Nickers?  No?  You're kidding.  I'm not sure where he's really from.  He won't tell me.  I'm not even sure if he's real.  This show was actually recorded some time back and is mostly tongue in cheek.  We do talk about strange topics, but, well you'll see for yourself. redneck.jpg


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