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nessie.jpg Man it was great to go on vacation.  Each year it gets a little more difficult to come back.  My vacations are pretty laid back and peaceful.  I went down the Autrain river with my father in law and saw something a bit unusual.  I took a photo as you can see.  Looks like some sort of sea creature.  Hmm. Uh, maybe that's not exactly the truth. Actually we saw a golden eagle at close range.  He later told me a story about his own close encounter with one of these birds.  Pretty interesting, what does it mean?  Does it mean anything?  Bob (dad-in-law) saw one in 1972 when he was working on his house, it was no further than four feet from him.  It was just staring at him.  He let out a scream.  It didn't leave, at least for a while.  Interesting, right?  Last year I saw what I believe could be a golden eagle not far from Bob's cabin on Camp 7 lake.  The eagle we saw on the Autrain was no more than twenty feet from me and instead of flying off it just flew off to nearby branch.  All of this is not in this show but I thought I would share it with you, perhaps in the future I will discuss this. 

You ever hear of the renowned paranormal investigator named Red Nickers?  No?  You're kidding.  I'm not sure where he's really from.  He won't tell me.  I'm not even sure if he's real.  This show was actually recorded some time back and is mostly tongue in cheek.  We do talk about strange topics, but, well you'll see for yourself. redneck.jpg

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