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2250551330093612386NalbAl_th.jpgFinally getting back to real shows after two weeks of filler.  Sorry about that chief.  Isn't that what Maxwell Smart used to always say.  This week Duane talks about many interesting things: How things are all connected, our journey, the vibrations associated with intent, the little people, and much more.  Remember learning in history about ancient cultures making offerings, history would say it was to the gods.  Was it?  Maybe with some cultures.  Was there really another purpose?  If you listen closely you may hear another explanation.  I really didn't even notice it when we first did the interview.  After Duane said it, it made a lot of sense to me.  It also made me realize that someone isn't being honest with me.  Our history books maybe?  Could that be deliberate or just a misunderstanding?  I don't know how it could be when it is so clearly spoken.  Do you see what I'm getting at?  Whatever the case it does not matter, but I feel it is worth mentioning.  We talk about healing, I have seen it done and I have seen what they fortold come true.  I refer to a personal experience. 

In the third segment Duane goes off the deep end, and I'm right there with him.  Again, because he speaks on a very relaxed level, if you're not paying attention it you may pass over it.  He does not make a big deal about it.  Before, when someone would tell me something unbelievable and didn't get exited about it I didn't believe them.  Now I know differently, experience makes us calmer- or perhaps the truth makes us calmer.  We lose fear.  I hope you see that in Duane's words when he talks about some of the unknown phenomena. 

If you google Duane Kinnart you will find out that he has been involved in many projects.  From Chicago to New York to foreign countries.  Duane and others go wherever they are needed.  They drop what they are doing to help.  Why?  Many reasons I'm sure.  One, to heal the earth.  They harm no one, they only go in peace and love.  How come the media doesn't report on that?


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