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nm_alien_080615_mc.jpgOne of the stangest mysteries of our time.  I think I was abducted.  The next thing I knew I was enjoying myself and not stressing out at work.  (this show by the way does not stress me out, I love doing it)  "Yeah, it was weird, I saw this big glowing light, it looked like a campfire." (that's what I'm doing on vacation) "Then there were these strange people around me and they were mumbling something, or maybe they were just incoherent."  "I saw a fire in the sky, just like that movie."  Fireworks.  "There was even cattle mutilations."  Hamburgers on the grill.  You get the picture.

Thanks for listening to the show, I hope you have a great fourth of July.  I will be back next week.  I even did some audio for this week for the diehards.  It's really nothing, but we'll see if anyone listens.  Hmm....

Got any weird stories?  Feel free to share.

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