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6a00d8341bf67c53ef0115718d81e4970b-320wi.jpgDavid Twichell joins me as we discuss the anniversary of the lunar landing. Many of us remember what we were doing on that day. I remember watching it with my mother and brother. Did you know that there is some audio of Neil Armstrong discussing with Houston an unknown large craft that is nearby? Mission Contol is trying to get Mr. Armstrong to go to a secure channel. David has added a link in the shout box if you want to listen. David also talks about this incident in his book; The UFO Jesus Connection.

Are there alien bases on the moon? We discuss that and more. David also goes into some of his investigations with MUFON. Coming in September I am going to be a guest on David's internet and radio show.


David Twichell's website: www.ufoimplications.com

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