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feschinolulu.jpgThe year was 1952.  According to hundreds of eyewitness testimonies, something was going on over the skies of the United States.  Frank Feshino Jr. has been on the show before reporting on The Flatwoods Monster, one of his other books.  This time I bring him back so that we can follow up with his other book called; Shoot Them Down.  Frank spent 18 years of his life researching this one incident in our history that most of us have never even heard of.  Is it that easy for our government to cover a story up?  Well, at the time it did get quite a bit of press but it never got national coverage.  Now why is that?  Were there aliens that arrived in ships back then?  What were they doing here?  Did we attempt to shoot them down?  What happened to many of the pilots from around that era who just dissappeared? 

Mrs. Kathleen May, an original witness recently passed away.  Frank has a dedication on his site to her.   www.flatwoodsmonster.com   It took Frank a long time to gain the trust of the locals in West Virginia, now they see him like family.  Frank does too, I believe.

By the way, some of you may have heard the original version that wasn't completely edited down.  Oops!  I did change it and if you want to hear what you weren't supposed to hear, it's at the end of the interview.  It's really nothing, just Frank and I planning our strategy for the next segment.  Normally I listen back to my inteviews once they are edited, I didn't this time.  Some of you got to hear a little more behind the scenes than usual, think of it as bonus coverage.   Frank really is quite the character, and I mean it in a good way.  He has many stories to tell and they are always colorfull, perhaps the next time we chat we can go down that road a bit!

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