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October 30th, 2013

This week Lisette Larkins joins me to talk about an update to her first book, Talking To Extraterrestrials.  Those of you who don't know her story, she's been talking to E.T.'s pretty much her whole life.  Some of us have seen ufo's, some of us have seen E.T.'s.  Some of us have had pleasant experiences, some haven't.  Why is that?  What message do these E.T.'s have to say?  Who are they?  Where do they come from?  Why are they interacting with us? 

Lisette is also linked to us through the Soul Awakens website.





October 25th, 2013

Soul Circuitry, the Ones With No Names, the Angels and more this week with Joy Regina Melchezidek.






October 16th, 2013

This seems like an unbelievable story, like so many stories before we give them a chance.  After talking to John Fitzgerald, author of The Watergate Amendment, I came away thinking that all of this was possible.  I have always felt there was more to Watergate than we were told.  Was the whole thing a set up?  Were there those more powerful who were willing to go through great lengths to get whatever they wanted?  One has to think if this story is true, what else has been manipulated throughout our history.  What intrigues me about John Fitzgerald's book is that in my eyes it ties into the bigger picture, a picture that shows that there are those who are very powerful and will stop at nothing to get what they want.  They control the press and most of us will never have a clue that these events take place.  We don't matter to them.  Why should we even care?  It's all conspiracy theory anyway, right?  Not this story according to Mr. Fitzgerald.  I rarely talk about this because it is hard to prove, but at the very least it doesn't hurt to question our media?  Why don't they cover other phenomena?  They just seem to cover it up or ignore it.  Or make fun of people.  People go into a shell and they don't want to talk about it.  Mission accomplished.  What does John say?  Follow the money trail.





October 11th, 2013


You ever notice how much we're controlled?  By our governments, our bosses, even our friends and families.  Maybe you control others, I think we've all done that before, how else would we learn?  Now some of it might be for our own good, but if you're like me you don't want too many telling you what to do.  "Just follow the rules TJ."  Um, no.  I'm not real good at following rules that just appear to be controlling and not really serving a purpose.  Now more than ever people are finally challenging the old standards, thank goodness.  We think all of our institutions are perfect, uh, does anyone remember Penn State?  Or that our leaders don't misuse their power.  Does the name Nixon ring a bell?  I think people seek to control others in this world, why?  By controlling someone you actually take some of their energy and add it to yours.  You ever feel exaulted after you won an arguement?  How do you feel when you lose?  We live in a world that lacks self love, doesn't even understand unconditional love, and seeks it through the control of others.  We don't know God.  At least that explains to me why I meet so many who seem to know what's best for me.  Or there are those who set the rules but they don't apply to them.  Enough already!  I've had enough with those types.  What can we do?  I think part of our lesson is to find our voice.  Sometimes we need to just let it go, but other times we need to speak up.  I had a really cool experience recently involving a young girl and a salad bar.  It was like the universe was telling me, "You need to speak up."  It was like the little girl came to me for that reason.  Did I pass the test?  Part of what holds us back is fear, we're afraid of what people will think.  I understand, but if you're ready to stop living for others then maybe it's time to get past that.  Coincidently, millions of others all over the planet are doing the same.  Maybe many of us are just waking up and realize there is a better way.  Whether we like it or not there are massive changes coming to the planet and it sure appears to me that the human race is waking up as well.  I believe it to be part of the concious shift.




October 3rd, 2013

"Way down, below the ocean, where I wanna be, she may be."  Donovan's version of Atlantis, the mythical continent.  Or was it?  Many, including Edgar Cayce, believed in the lost continent.  This week my co-host Joy Regina Melchezidek speaks about Atlantis and other mysteries.  Why?  Because the time has come to do so.  All of the things that are mysteries will be revealed because of our awakening and the planet's awakening.  So what else?  The Great Lakes Triangle, strange events that have taken place over Lakes Michigan and Superior, some say more than the Bermuda Triangle.  Joy even talks about the Edmund Fitzgerald and what she senses happened back then in the mid 70's.  Was the ship capsized by something other than a storm?  What about the Bermuda Triangle?  Is there anything going on there?  I think Joy will let us know, and I think we'll have a few laughs, and I'll try to push her buttons a little to get her to laugh.  We just have fun.  Plus, please check out her new site:  https://joyofunion.podbean.com  Joy has her own podcast site!!!!

Also:  www.teeshirtsforpeace.org

And:  www.thesoulawakens.com


October 2nd, 2013


If Gaia/Earth could speak, what would she say?  Is she mad at us?  Is she going to continue to dump on us?  This week Gaia speaks through Roslyn McGrath and she's not mad, she's just evolving! So are we according to Gaia.  We actually may have come from Mars at one time.  Sound crazy?  If there is energy in all things, could there be intelligence in all things?  Some would say God is in all things and therefore all things in creation have divine inteligence.  Well, except for those in the show Honey Boo Boo.  So this week a loving message from our mother, who allows us the opportunity to have a home while we are here to experience life.  Thanks to Roslyn for sharing her amazing skills and for allowing me to ask some of my many questions.  Please check out her site, she can help you in many ways!  And she's such a pleasant being!



My apologies to those of you listening, the interview is supposed to go one hour but it cuts out after 40 minutes.  Hopefully I'll have this corrected soon.  Thank you.  Please feel free to contact me it you notice this on other shows. 







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