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You ever notice how much we're controlled?  By our governments, our bosses, even our friends and families.  Maybe you control others, I think we've all done that before, how else would we learn?  Now some of it might be for our own good, but if you're like me you don't want too many telling you what to do.  "Just follow the rules TJ."  Um, no.  I'm not real good at following rules that just appear to be controlling and not really serving a purpose.  Now more than ever people are finally challenging the old standards, thank goodness.  We think all of our institutions are perfect, uh, does anyone remember Penn State?  Or that our leaders don't misuse their power.  Does the name Nixon ring a bell?  I think people seek to control others in this world, why?  By controlling someone you actually take some of their energy and add it to yours.  You ever feel exaulted after you won an arguement?  How do you feel when you lose?  We live in a world that lacks self love, doesn't even understand unconditional love, and seeks it through the control of others.  We don't know God.  At least that explains to me why I meet so many who seem to know what's best for me.  Or there are those who set the rules but they don't apply to them.  Enough already!  I've had enough with those types.  What can we do?  I think part of our lesson is to find our voice.  Sometimes we need to just let it go, but other times we need to speak up.  I had a really cool experience recently involving a young girl and a salad bar.  It was like the universe was telling me, "You need to speak up."  It was like the little girl came to me for that reason.  Did I pass the test?  Part of what holds us back is fear, we're afraid of what people will think.  I understand, but if you're ready to stop living for others then maybe it's time to get past that.  Coincidently, millions of others all over the planet are doing the same.  Maybe many of us are just waking up and realize there is a better way.  Whether we like it or not there are massive changes coming to the planet and it sure appears to me that the human race is waking up as well.  I believe it to be part of the concious shift.



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