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"Way down, below the ocean, where I wanna be, she may be."  Donovan's version of Atlantis, the mythical continent.  Or was it?  Many, including Edgar Cayce, believed in the lost continent.  This week my co-host Joy Regina Melchezidek speaks about Atlantis and other mysteries.  Why?  Because the time has come to do so.  All of the things that are mysteries will be revealed because of our awakening and the planet's awakening.  So what else?  The Great Lakes Triangle, strange events that have taken place over Lakes Michigan and Superior, some say more than the Bermuda Triangle.  Joy even talks about the Edmund Fitzgerald and what she senses happened back then in the mid 70's.  Was the ship capsized by something other than a storm?  What about the Bermuda Triangle?  Is there anything going on there?  I think Joy will let us know, and I think we'll have a few laughs, and I'll try to push her buttons a little to get her to laugh.  We just have fun.  Plus, please check out her new site:  https://joyofunion.podbean.com  Joy has her own podcast site!!!!

Also:  www.teeshirtsforpeace.org

And:  www.thesoulawakens.com

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