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If Gaia/Earth could speak, what would she say?  Is she mad at us?  Is she going to continue to dump on us?  This week Gaia speaks through Roslyn McGrath and she's not mad, she's just evolving! So are we according to Gaia.  We actually may have come from Mars at one time.  Sound crazy?  If there is energy in all things, could there be intelligence in all things?  Some would say God is in all things and therefore all things in creation have divine inteligence.  Well, except for those in the show Honey Boo Boo.  So this week a loving message from our mother, who allows us the opportunity to have a home while we are here to experience life.  Thanks to Roslyn for sharing her amazing skills and for allowing me to ask some of my many questions.  Please check out her site, she can help you in many ways!  And she's such a pleasant being!



My apologies to those of you listening, the interview is supposed to go one hour but it cuts out after 40 minutes.  Hopefully I'll have this corrected soon.  Thank you.  Please feel free to contact me it you notice this on other shows. 






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