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This seems like an unbelievable story, like so many stories before we give them a chance.  After talking to John Fitzgerald, author of The Watergate Amendment, I came away thinking that all of this was possible.  I have always felt there was more to Watergate than we were told.  Was the whole thing a set up?  Were there those more powerful who were willing to go through great lengths to get whatever they wanted?  One has to think if this story is true, what else has been manipulated throughout our history.  What intrigues me about John Fitzgerald's book is that in my eyes it ties into the bigger picture, a picture that shows that there are those who are very powerful and will stop at nothing to get what they want.  They control the press and most of us will never have a clue that these events take place.  We don't matter to them.  Why should we even care?  It's all conspiracy theory anyway, right?  Not this story according to Mr. Fitzgerald.  I rarely talk about this because it is hard to prove, but at the very least it doesn't hurt to question our media?  Why don't they cover other phenomena?  They just seem to cover it up or ignore it.  Or make fun of people.  People go into a shell and they don't want to talk about it.  Mission accomplished.  What does John say?  Follow the money trail.




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