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April 25th, 2013

eaten-by-the-tiger-cover-1-200x300.jpgLife was treating Dr. Emile Allen pretty good at one time, he had a good practice and was building his career.  Then one day it all crashed down, he nearly died when an electrical charge grounded into his body while he was working on a patient.  He died for a short time, a voice told him it wasn't his time.  He came back and faced an incredibly difficult road.  He had to learn to "Face The Tiger."  We all do.  He had to learn to overcome his fear.  He had to learn to let go of many things since he lost all of it in an instant. 

Life will deal us all lemons, we can choose to be sour or make lemonade.  In his book Dr. Emile Allen has many examples of those who have been dealt what might appear to be a bad hand, and still made the best out of it.  There is no question in my mind that nothing happens by accident and that all things are there for us to learn from.  So what may appear to be tragedy is often not seen for what it really is, that is why it is important to hear from people like Dr. Allen who have realized the purpose of why they had a difficult experience and how they can use it to benefit others.

To find out more go to:  www.eatenbythetiger.com


April 19th, 2013

image002.jpgIt's funny how you know someone and then inside you really know someone.  I feel like I've known Dave from a different time.  We both feel we lived in the south and were around during the Civil War.  We both feel we could go back to the time of Jesus.  Either way, I know this man is some kind of soul brother.  David's life changed forever in 1962 when his whole family had a close encounter.  Over the years it prodded him to explore the ufo phenomena and even write 2 books, The UFO Jesus Connection, and Global Implications Of The UFO Reality.  David feels we could be really close to having more confirmation from government sources.  David points to other countries who are taking the subject more serious as opposed to the American press, which seems to ignore or humiliate those who come forward.  Either way, I think the truth is coming out no matter what, we are in a time when great truths are being revealed. 

Fire In The Sky.  David spoke to Travis Walton a while back and we discuss that story a bit this week, the truth is not the same as the movie.  It is however a story that those who have been taken may be able to relate to.  Why does any of this even matter?  To me it's part of the bigger picture, we've had interaction with other beings probably from the beginning and some have assisted us and some haven't.

Finally, my heartfelt love to David and his soulmate Laura, as she is struggling with dimentia and it is a tough time for him.  Thank you so much my friend for sharing and speaking with me through what has to be a difficult time.

David's website:  www.ufoimplications.com


April 11th, 2013

person-stretching-sun.jpgMaybe it's just age, right?  I've had some aches in my upper back, my neck, even the base of my skull.  I've had trouble sleeping as of late, I keep waking up.  I've had synchronicity and I keep seeing these same numbers over and over, what does that mean?  I woke up one morning and my whole body was vibrating.  I  had a really weird incident a couple of weeks ago with an invisible fly, I mean everywhere I went in the house I could hear a fly's buzz, and it was right next to my ear- yet there was no fly to be found.  So my hearing is going a little wacky.  Am I falling apart or am I really experiencing signs of something else?  How many of you have had some of these things happen to you?

A week ago I looked up symptoms of an awakening and I checked out several sights.  All of what I listed above were part of the signs, or symptoms, of having an awakening.  And there are many more.  I am now realizing that I am part of this waking up process that many of my guests have talked about, we all are or could be if we choose.  If there is a shift in awareness going on, then it would seem that it is going to affect us in different ways.  I feel like I am becoming more adept at sensing things, even picking up thoughts. 

We are going through great change, no question in my mind.  The people of the Earth are standing up in ways they have never stood before.  We are calling out our governments because they don't serve us.  We're calling out friends who don't serve us.  Many appear to have heightened abilities.  Our planet's frequency is changing and so is ours, or so it appears to me.  These are just my observations, perhaps you notice this too.

Next week a really good friend, David Twitchell, comes on the show with me.  He's like a brother, then again he probably was at one time.


April 4th, 2013

thCADV65H1.jpgThis week we debut a new show called The Joy Of Union.  Joy Regina Melchezidek and myself are the hosts.  why Joy Of Union?  I'll let Joy explain that?  Joy has done what's called  a "heart thread" on  me more than once.  The last time I had it done I  had some stiffness in my back and soreness in my left shoulder.  I was scheduled to go see my chiropracter in the next couple of days.  Immediatedly after the session I felt better and more energetic.  I saw my chiropracter and he couldn't believe I didn't need any adjustments, so that was just one benefit.  The first time I had it done within a few weeks several things started changing in my life, I met a few people who I know were destined to be part of my path.  How does it work?  HeartThread is a simple and direct way to touch into and shift long-term patterns held in the body. These patterns form the structure of our lives physically, mentally, and emotionally  Joy focuses on your energy and brings in other beings to assist in opening chakras and aligning your energy.   What other beings?  Well in my case it's been e.t.'s, angels, fairies, my mother, even the wee people, yes, leprechuans!

Joy Regina Melchezidek always lived in a world where the supernatural was the norm. Her earliest memories of communicating telepathically with spirits occurred before she could talk. By 3 years of age she was tuning into souls and doing healing work.

After meeting Flo Aeveia Magdalena in 1991, she was trained in a multitude of Shamanic studies. Joy’s work expanded and now includes the Heart Thread work, the Soul Recognition process, and the Circuitry Alignment process.

She is a teacher, a writer, and an advocate for children and peace. Joy’s physic detective work has led her to working with the police and others to solve missing person cases. She has also taught high school forensic classes how to utilize their intuition to assist in solving crimes.

Known as the “Baby Whisperer’ Joy serves as an advocate for children and peace. She is the founder and executive director of “tee-shirts for peace.” Under the umbrella of Soul Support Systems, “tee shirts for peace” is focused on the holistic care of children, as well offering resolutions to effectively stop violence for everyone.

Joy's email:  Joyofunion@hotmail.com      Soul Support Systems phone number:  1-802-463-2200



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