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person-stretching-sun.jpgMaybe it's just age, right?  I've had some aches in my upper back, my neck, even the base of my skull.  I've had trouble sleeping as of late, I keep waking up.  I've had synchronicity and I keep seeing these same numbers over and over, what does that mean?  I woke up one morning and my whole body was vibrating.  I  had a really weird incident a couple of weeks ago with an invisible fly, I mean everywhere I went in the house I could hear a fly's buzz, and it was right next to my ear- yet there was no fly to be found.  So my hearing is going a little wacky.  Am I falling apart or am I really experiencing signs of something else?  How many of you have had some of these things happen to you?

A week ago I looked up symptoms of an awakening and I checked out several sights.  All of what I listed above were part of the signs, or symptoms, of having an awakening.  And there are many more.  I am now realizing that I am part of this waking up process that many of my guests have talked about, we all are or could be if we choose.  If there is a shift in awareness going on, then it would seem that it is going to affect us in different ways.  I feel like I am becoming more adept at sensing things, even picking up thoughts. 

We are going through great change, no question in my mind.  The people of the Earth are standing up in ways they have never stood before.  We are calling out our governments because they don't serve us.  We're calling out friends who don't serve us.  Many appear to have heightened abilities.  Our planet's frequency is changing and so is ours, or so it appears to me.  These are just my observations, perhaps you notice this too.

Next week a really good friend, David Twitchell, comes on the show with me.  He's like a brother, then again he probably was at one time.

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