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eaten-by-the-tiger-cover-1-200x300.jpgLife was treating Dr. Emile Allen pretty good at one time, he had a good practice and was building his career.  Then one day it all crashed down, he nearly died when an electrical charge grounded into his body while he was working on a patient.  He died for a short time, a voice told him it wasn't his time.  He came back and faced an incredibly difficult road.  He had to learn to "Face The Tiger."  We all do.  He had to learn to overcome his fear.  He had to learn to let go of many things since he lost all of it in an instant. 

Life will deal us all lemons, we can choose to be sour or make lemonade.  In his book Dr. Emile Allen has many examples of those who have been dealt what might appear to be a bad hand, and still made the best out of it.  There is no question in my mind that nothing happens by accident and that all things are there for us to learn from.  So what may appear to be tragedy is often not seen for what it really is, that is why it is important to hear from people like Dr. Allen who have realized the purpose of why they had a difficult experience and how they can use it to benefit others.

To find out more go to:  www.eatenbythetiger.com

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