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image002.jpgIt's funny how you know someone and then inside you really know someone.  I feel like I've known Dave from a different time.  We both feel we lived in the south and were around during the Civil War.  We both feel we could go back to the time of Jesus.  Either way, I know this man is some kind of soul brother.  David's life changed forever in 1962 when his whole family had a close encounter.  Over the years it prodded him to explore the ufo phenomena and even write 2 books, The UFO Jesus Connection, and Global Implications Of The UFO Reality.  David feels we could be really close to having more confirmation from government sources.  David points to other countries who are taking the subject more serious as opposed to the American press, which seems to ignore or humiliate those who come forward.  Either way, I think the truth is coming out no matter what, we are in a time when great truths are being revealed. 

Fire In The Sky.  David spoke to Travis Walton a while back and we discuss that story a bit this week, the truth is not the same as the movie.  It is however a story that those who have been taken may be able to relate to.  Why does any of this even matter?  To me it's part of the bigger picture, we've had interaction with other beings probably from the beginning and some have assisted us and some haven't.

Finally, my heartfelt love to David and his soulmate Laura, as she is struggling with dimentia and it is a tough time for him.  Thank you so much my friend for sharing and speaking with me through what has to be a difficult time.

David's website:  www.ufoimplications.com

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