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thCADV65H1.jpgThis week we debut a new show called The Joy Of Union.  Joy Regina Melchezidek and myself are the hosts.  why Joy Of Union?  I'll let Joy explain that?  Joy has done what's called  a "heart thread" on  me more than once.  The last time I had it done I  had some stiffness in my back and soreness in my left shoulder.  I was scheduled to go see my chiropracter in the next couple of days.  Immediatedly after the session I felt better and more energetic.  I saw my chiropracter and he couldn't believe I didn't need any adjustments, so that was just one benefit.  The first time I had it done within a few weeks several things started changing in my life, I met a few people who I know were destined to be part of my path.  How does it work?  HeartThread is a simple and direct way to touch into and shift long-term patterns held in the body. These patterns form the structure of our lives physically, mentally, and emotionally  Joy focuses on your energy and brings in other beings to assist in opening chakras and aligning your energy.   What other beings?  Well in my case it's been e.t.'s, angels, fairies, my mother, even the wee people, yes, leprechuans!

Joy Regina Melchezidek always lived in a world where the supernatural was the norm. Her earliest memories of communicating telepathically with spirits occurred before she could talk. By 3 years of age she was tuning into souls and doing healing work.

After meeting Flo Aeveia Magdalena in 1991, she was trained in a multitude of Shamanic studies. Joy’s work expanded and now includes the Heart Thread work, the Soul Recognition process, and the Circuitry Alignment process.

She is a teacher, a writer, and an advocate for children and peace. Joy’s physic detective work has led her to working with the police and others to solve missing person cases. She has also taught high school forensic classes how to utilize their intuition to assist in solving crimes.

Known as the “Baby Whisperer’ Joy serves as an advocate for children and peace. She is the founder and executive director of “tee-shirts for peace.” Under the umbrella of Soul Support Systems, “tee shirts for peace” is focused on the holistic care of children, as well offering resolutions to effectively stop violence for everyone.

Joy's email:  Joyofunion@hotmail.com      Soul Support Systems phone number:  1-802-463-2200


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