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June 29th, 2011

rainbow.jpgI would like to have a show for you this week but Podbean has informed me that I do not have enough audio space to post a show.  Every month Podbean allows me so much space and because this month has an extra week I have already used up my space.  Now I could upgrade but that is more costly so we'll stick with what we have, for now.  Next week I am going to be on vacation and not going to be coming in to record any shows.  I love this time of year  because the weather is so nice and we usually spend some time at my in law's cabin with family. 

Coming up, I just actually finished a show with Jack Allis which will air when I get back.  Jack is moving out west, he really feels drawn to relocate with the upcoming so called "Earth Changes."  He has a dvd out right now which we will speak about, it is a how to video.  It could give you insight on how you can take your first step if you desire to do so. 

Also, I am going to continue my series with Roslyn McGrath and we will talk to the Earth Energies to see what else they have to say about this so called shift.  We are also going to try to contact the Christ Consciousness.  Down the road I haved asked Roslyn to try and contact Alien Energies, she has agreed to give it a try.  If she is a legitimate channeler and can have these energies speak directly through her then I am going to ask a boat load of questions.

Finally, something weird happened yesterday.  I didn't sleep real well the last couple of nights so I took a nap yesterday and something woke me up around 5:30pm.  I was aware that I was sleeping and I heard a noise, like someone entering the house, yet my wife wasn't due home til 7pm.  Next thing I felt something blowing air on my cheek.  I woke up instantly, no one was there!  Was it a dream?  I've had these things happen too many times before to think it was just a dream.  We'll see, perhaps I can ask that question down the road. 

Here's an idea, is there an energy that you would like Roslyn to channel?  Feel free to contact me through the shout box or email.


By the way, the audio is real short for this week, I'll tell you that I'm on vacation and other baloney.  One other thing, you will notice that there is no audio for the Linda Zimmerman interview, I had to pull the audio to make room for more shows.  I will restore it down the road.


June 22nd, 2011

CATHYBOLTON.jpgWhat kind of music moves your soul?  I've always liked folk music.  More recently I've found myself listening to the likes of Jim Croce and some of the more successfull artists or the early 70s.  Some of their music seems to speak to the core of me.  Along those same lines if you've ever heard Cathy Bolton you will realize her tones do more than just entertain, or tell a story, they are written to reach your soul.  Originally Cathy called me to promote an event she's going to be singing at next week at the Besse Theatre in Escanaba Michigan.  (Thursday 7pm tickets 12.50 just to give her a shameless plug)  As it would turn out our conversation turned to the unknown or even bizzare and Cathy started telling me about her angels which she's known about since she was quite young.  So what started out as a radio interview wound up being an Out There podcast because Cathy was willing to share her experiences and innermost deeper feelings.  Cathy feels that part of her purpose is to inspire others to seek answers through her music.

Also, during her worldwide travels Cathy met and worked with Dennis Weaver, yes the man who played McCloud on tv.  She even wound up recording a song from one of Dennis's poems which is part of a tribute on this website:  www.dennisweaver.com

Also I play a couple of songs from Cathy, one during the break and the other (Dennis Weaver's song) appears on the end.  Cathy's website www.cathybolton.com


June 17th, 2011

Akashic20Records.jpgIf you know anything about Edgar Cayce and his remarkable ability he often would refer to the Hall Of Records, or The Akashic Records.  What is this place?  Does it really exist?  According to some there is a place where every moment of every life is kept, a library if you will, regarding a souls journey.  Because of the Shift, or changes that are taking place, more and more seem to have the ability to tap into these Akashic Records.  Why?  Many times in life, some believe, we carry emotions over from a previous lifetime and by going into the Hall Of Records we can uncover what it is we are carrying with us.  This in turn will allow us to free ourselves of our bonds and move forward in life.  Nate Zemar, an ordained minister, claims to know how to do this.  Nate, also a recovering alcoholic, has seen rock bottom and now is on a mission of serving, how often do we see that?

Nate's fiance is Heather Pummill, and Heather takes an interest Reiki and many other types of ancient healing techniches.  She also has an interest in the fairy realm.  Now how did this come about?  When Heather was quite ill she took a moment to notice how things seem to disappear and started reseaching about fairies.  Sometimes, all it takes is just opening the door and off you go.  10 years ago if someone would have asked me if I beleive in the fairy realm I may have rolled my eyes, now that is different.  A co worker had some fairies mess with her a bit.  Another person in our building knew someone who snapped some pictures that showed little specs of light near some trees.  If you truly have an open mind you will at least listen to what Heather has to say, if not so be it.  We discuss a little about the Munay Ki and it's 9 rights or healing.  This week I welcome Heather and Nate, soon to be husband and wife.



June 8th, 2011

channeling.jpgThere are many who claim they are channels.  What exactly is a channel?  From what I understand it is merely someone who has the ability to allow someone or something speak through them.  Perhaps we are all channels from time to time when we receive inspiration, where does it come from?  One of the first books I read about channeling was called Messages From Micheal.  I was frightened to open it and read it.  It seemed creepy.  Micheal was the name of a group of souls that had moved on past the physical experience and were relaying knowledge of why we are here to a group of people seeking answers.  Once I got past the fear of the unknown I was able to gain quite a bit of wisdom, or so I thought.  Each new book seemed to bring me a step further and it helped explain some of the strange things that had taken place in my life.  In the early 90's I went to my first channeling session in Marquette.  It was an entity called Georges.  Much of what was said still rings true with me today.  Each time I've been to these events the message has been gentle and loving, almost always enlightening in some way.  20 years ago there wasn't a lot of this sort of thing going on, at least around here.  Many would dismiss it or label it as evil without even exploring it, similar to what I may have done until I was ready to take the next step.  As you've heard me say before fear holds us back.  I only know this because I have experienced it first hand.  And actually these methods for gaining an understanding of higher conciousness have been around for a long long time. 

roslyn1.jpgWhat I like about this weeks guest is her joyfull state and her ability to  stay so centered.  She also seems quite disconnected from many of the things most of us are a part of, I feel this keeps her more grounded, humble, and non judgemental.  Roslyn McGrath calls her home Marquette Michigan and this week we will talk about what channeling is, but also since there is some concern as to what may be happening to the planet, we also talk with the Earth Energies.  And to be honest I was a bit surprised by what they had to say.  What exactly are these energies?  I really don't know.  But if you listen to this show you will hear Roslyn channel these Earth Energies while I ask questions.  Sound interesting?  I have never had anyone channel on my show before so I found it facinating!

What's unique about Roslyn is that she channels one on one, and always for the highest good.  Her work is about healing and evolving our spirit.  Believe me, I have heard many so called new aged gurus and most of the time they turn me off, they just don't appear to be geniune.  I am very picky about who I trust, I trust Roslyn.


Ghost Investigator/Author Linda Zimmerman

June 2nd, 2011


 Earning a B.S. in Chemistry and a Master’s in English Literature made it obvious early on that Linda Zimmerman had wide ranging interests. After working as a research scientist throughout the 1980s, she decided to pursue her real passion—writing.

Today, Linda is the author of 14 books, is a popular speaker, and has made numerous appearances on television and radio. She has received honors and awards for her books on American history, and has lectured at the Smithsonian, West Point and Gettysburg. Astronomy and the space program are also favorite topics for her books, articles and lectures. In addition, Linda has appeared at major science fiction conventions for her two novels. So, with all these varied achievements, how on earth did she ever start writing about ghosts?

Several years ago, Linda was giving a series of history lectures for the bicentennial of Rockland County, in southern New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. One evening, someone asked about local ghosts and legends, so Linda told the one ghost story she knew. A few days later, she received a call. The excited voice on the other end of the line said, "I hear you give ghost talks!" Linda then added a few more ghost stories to her lectures, word spread, and by the end of the series, more people were showing up to hear about the ghosts than the history.

Please welcome Linda Zimmerman from upstate New York with a few creepy tales of ghost investigations.  www.ghostinvestigator.com


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