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channeling.jpgThere are many who claim they are channels.  What exactly is a channel?  From what I understand it is merely someone who has the ability to allow someone or something speak through them.  Perhaps we are all channels from time to time when we receive inspiration, where does it come from?  One of the first books I read about channeling was called Messages From Micheal.  I was frightened to open it and read it.  It seemed creepy.  Micheal was the name of a group of souls that had moved on past the physical experience and were relaying knowledge of why we are here to a group of people seeking answers.  Once I got past the fear of the unknown I was able to gain quite a bit of wisdom, or so I thought.  Each new book seemed to bring me a step further and it helped explain some of the strange things that had taken place in my life.  In the early 90's I went to my first channeling session in Marquette.  It was an entity called Georges.  Much of what was said still rings true with me today.  Each time I've been to these events the message has been gentle and loving, almost always enlightening in some way.  20 years ago there wasn't a lot of this sort of thing going on, at least around here.  Many would dismiss it or label it as evil without even exploring it, similar to what I may have done until I was ready to take the next step.  As you've heard me say before fear holds us back.  I only know this because I have experienced it first hand.  And actually these methods for gaining an understanding of higher conciousness have been around for a long long time. 

roslyn1.jpgWhat I like about this weeks guest is her joyfull state and her ability to  stay so centered.  She also seems quite disconnected from many of the things most of us are a part of, I feel this keeps her more grounded, humble, and non judgemental.  Roslyn McGrath calls her home Marquette Michigan and this week we will talk about what channeling is, but also since there is some concern as to what may be happening to the planet, we also talk with the Earth Energies.  And to be honest I was a bit surprised by what they had to say.  What exactly are these energies?  I really don't know.  But if you listen to this show you will hear Roslyn channel these Earth Energies while I ask questions.  Sound interesting?  I have never had anyone channel on my show before so I found it facinating!

What's unique about Roslyn is that she channels one on one, and always for the highest good.  Her work is about healing and evolving our spirit.  Believe me, I have heard many so called new aged gurus and most of the time they turn me off, they just don't appear to be geniune.  I am very picky about who I trust, I trust Roslyn.


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