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CATHYBOLTON.jpgWhat kind of music moves your soul?  I've always liked folk music.  More recently I've found myself listening to the likes of Jim Croce and some of the more successfull artists or the early 70s.  Some of their music seems to speak to the core of me.  Along those same lines if you've ever heard Cathy Bolton you will realize her tones do more than just entertain, or tell a story, they are written to reach your soul.  Originally Cathy called me to promote an event she's going to be singing at next week at the Besse Theatre in Escanaba Michigan.  (Thursday 7pm tickets 12.50 just to give her a shameless plug)  As it would turn out our conversation turned to the unknown or even bizzare and Cathy started telling me about her angels which she's known about since she was quite young.  So what started out as a radio interview wound up being an Out There podcast because Cathy was willing to share her experiences and innermost deeper feelings.  Cathy feels that part of her purpose is to inspire others to seek answers through her music.

Also, during her worldwide travels Cathy met and worked with Dennis Weaver, yes the man who played McCloud on tv.  She even wound up recording a song from one of Dennis's poems which is part of a tribute on this website:  www.dennisweaver.com

Also I play a couple of songs from Cathy, one during the break and the other (Dennis Weaver's song) appears on the end.  Cathy's website www.cathybolton.com

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