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Akashic20Records.jpgIf you know anything about Edgar Cayce and his remarkable ability he often would refer to the Hall Of Records, or The Akashic Records.  What is this place?  Does it really exist?  According to some there is a place where every moment of every life is kept, a library if you will, regarding a souls journey.  Because of the Shift, or changes that are taking place, more and more seem to have the ability to tap into these Akashic Records.  Why?  Many times in life, some believe, we carry emotions over from a previous lifetime and by going into the Hall Of Records we can uncover what it is we are carrying with us.  This in turn will allow us to free ourselves of our bonds and move forward in life.  Nate Zemar, an ordained minister, claims to know how to do this.  Nate, also a recovering alcoholic, has seen rock bottom and now is on a mission of serving, how often do we see that?

Nate's fiance is Heather Pummill, and Heather takes an interest Reiki and many other types of ancient healing techniches.  She also has an interest in the fairy realm.  Now how did this come about?  When Heather was quite ill she took a moment to notice how things seem to disappear and started reseaching about fairies.  Sometimes, all it takes is just opening the door and off you go.  10 years ago if someone would have asked me if I beleive in the fairy realm I may have rolled my eyes, now that is different.  A co worker had some fairies mess with her a bit.  Another person in our building knew someone who snapped some pictures that showed little specs of light near some trees.  If you truly have an open mind you will at least listen to what Heather has to say, if not so be it.  We discuss a little about the Munay Ki and it's 9 rights or healing.  This week I welcome Heather and Nate, soon to be husband and wife.


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