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rainbow.jpgI would like to have a show for you this week but Podbean has informed me that I do not have enough audio space to post a show.  Every month Podbean allows me so much space and because this month has an extra week I have already used up my space.  Now I could upgrade but that is more costly so we'll stick with what we have, for now.  Next week I am going to be on vacation and not going to be coming in to record any shows.  I love this time of year  because the weather is so nice and we usually spend some time at my in law's cabin with family. 

Coming up, I just actually finished a show with Jack Allis which will air when I get back.  Jack is moving out west, he really feels drawn to relocate with the upcoming so called "Earth Changes."  He has a dvd out right now which we will speak about, it is a how to video.  It could give you insight on how you can take your first step if you desire to do so. 

Also, I am going to continue my series with Roslyn McGrath and we will talk to the Earth Energies to see what else they have to say about this so called shift.  We are also going to try to contact the Christ Consciousness.  Down the road I haved asked Roslyn to try and contact Alien Energies, she has agreed to give it a try.  If she is a legitimate channeler and can have these energies speak directly through her then I am going to ask a boat load of questions.

Finally, something weird happened yesterday.  I didn't sleep real well the last couple of nights so I took a nap yesterday and something woke me up around 5:30pm.  I was aware that I was sleeping and I heard a noise, like someone entering the house, yet my wife wasn't due home til 7pm.  Next thing I felt something blowing air on my cheek.  I woke up instantly, no one was there!  Was it a dream?  I've had these things happen too many times before to think it was just a dream.  We'll see, perhaps I can ask that question down the road. 

Here's an idea, is there an energy that you would like Roslyn to channel?  Feel free to contact me through the shout box or email.


By the way, the audio is real short for this week, I'll tell you that I'm on vacation and other baloney.  One other thing, you will notice that there is no audio for the Linda Zimmerman interview, I had to pull the audio to make room for more shows.  I will restore it down the road.

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