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April 29th, 2011

Spirit-Warrior--50313.jpgI don't know about you but I have been feeling more tension lately, it really is unusual for me to feel that way.  Is it my attitude?  Is it the so called earth changes?  Am I becoming more sensitive so that I start feeling these things?  Is there something in this building?

Certainly many are feeling the squeeze because of more work pressure and maybe less free time to relax.  But what if it is true that part of the pressure is being caused by the unseen?   Could there be negative spirits around all of us that are trying to influence us?  As my friend Dan Dunlop would say, anytime we step away from love we are being influenced by some sort of spirit.  Dan is what I would call a Spirit Warrior who has had many adventures in the other realm and has gone on a few adventures with me in this realm.  I have seen him work with spirits and help cross them over, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.  While I think there are negative energies out there, my goal here is to inform and enlighten.  We all can become Spirit Warriors and realize a couple of things.  One, many of the actions we have taken have been influenced by outside forces, both positive and negative.  Two, we can remove fear and control our own destiny.

ludingtonpostsuites.jpgAt left is the old post office.  Roughly 20 years ago the dormant building was completely redone on the inside.  Our radio station is on the 3rd floor.  More than one person has told me about strange things happening.  One gal told me a chair started rocking by itself.  The tv in the newsroom turns on by itself.  One guy even told me when he worked overnights that the elevator would come to the 3rd floor and no one got out, yet out of the corner of his eye he saw shadow going down the hall!  Creepy!  But I am not talking about ghosts, they do not concern me.  Instead this show is about negative energies that are around us and trying to influence us.  Why?  They feed off of negativity.  Does this building have that?  In this episode we will find out.


April 21st, 2011

reveranddebbyoutdoors.jpg I am not a religious man.  I am not promoting religion.  I am not asking anyone to join anything or follow anyone, make your own decisions, choose what's best for you.  But, I have to admit that I am a very spiritual person who believes in an all loving creator that allows us to spiritually evolve at our own pace.  Now if I were passing through this site and I saw the picture I may keep going because the last thing I want is someone telling me what to believe in.  This show is not about that, it is not even remotely about that.

The woman above is Reverand Debby Bergeon, or just Debby as many call her.  She is not into titles, she doesn't always care how she is dressed, she doesn't pretend to be righteous, she is just herself.  I would describe as a fun, loving, jovial, open minded being, a being who accepts all for the way they are and her goal is not to convert anyone.  Her goal is to present her gift, and her gift is an ability to communicate with angels.  Through this communication she brings comfort, love, and sometimes messages from the other side.  I've seen it first hand over and over.  However, this show is not about that.  It is about 3 strange incidents that have occured in Debby's life that she has no explanation for.  How can you have an important conversation with someone and then when you see them again they have forgotten it ever took place?  Well, they just don't remember?  Maybe.  But these incidents are really unusual.  I'll give you an example:  One of Debby's friends tells her that her daughter is pregnant and is concerned.  Weeks later Debby runs into her and asks how the pregnancy is going?  "What pregnancy, she better not be, where did you get that?"  Now I can see forgetting a trivial conversation but that's something you wouldn't forget.  As it turned out the mother took her daughter to the doctor and found out she was pregnant.  So, what about the earlier conversation, how did that take place, and where?  I can't answer that, I can only say that there are those that theorize that we are multi dimensional beings and that there are countless moments playing out in other dimensions, perhaps at times some of us tap into those places.  Sound crazy?  Can you recall if this has ever happened to you or someone you know?  They swear they had a conversation with you and you tell them no, or vice versa.  What's amazing about Debby's experiences is that she had validation with each of these occurances. 

I think when some of us look at a Reverend we may be intimidated, they are a man or woman of God.  Debby is not that, I mean really not that.  She is just a being of love who tries to help others regardless of what you believe or don't believe.  My show will never be about promoting anything to change your beliefs.  You have your journey and I have mine.

UnionUniform.jpgI threw this picture in because Debby described me in this coat during the Civil War, not a big deal right?  She described the gold buttons without really knowing how the uniform looked.  I dug this up after her reading. 

Debby and I may not see eye to eye on everything but we do see one common theme in the universe, unconditional love.



April 13th, 2011

Banner-Cat-Pic.gifDoes any of this apply to you?  I'm with someone who is making my life Hell but I can't leave.  Or, I love this person but I also hate them.  Or, Why do I have people in my life that are causing me angst?

My guest this week has lived some of the above, she even wrote a book about it called Emotional Intelligence.  Her life was on a rollercoaster that was heading for a wreck.  She found her way out of the abyss and offers her experience and understanding.  What if the person who is in your life has been there before in a previous time?  Did you not get the lesson back then?  Could that explain why they're here again driving you nuts?  Or maybe because you've shared time with them you are doing it again.  Is any of this possible?  Jane Wharam is one of the few people I know that knows where she's been and who some of the players are this time around.  She was in a relationship that nearly destroyed her and through her own inner search she found answers.  Now she is working on a new book called Seperation which is due out this fall.  

Is reincartion real?  Was it actually taught at one time?  Was I Cleopatra in a former life?  Probably not!  But as I've learned recently that when we understand who we were before it may explain why we feel the way we do.  Because I have gained some knowledge of who I am more recently it has helped me understand some of my deeper feelings.  For example:  I am really drawn to flute music and native culture, now I know that I existed during a time period when native chanting and simple music was played in celebration of many things.  Do we need to know everything about a previous time?  I'm beginning to see that we don't, why remember something that could have been unpleasant, but perhaps just a glimpse can help us understand who we are now.

Jane's website:  www.janewharam.com

Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre

April 6th, 2011

SRMHC-front-view.jpgThe different teachings I have looked at over my life were at my own choosing.  Some stuck with me, some didn't.  As a child I was given the Lutheran teaching, it left me empty because there seemed to be so many questions left unanswered and I was always told I had to believe and have faith.  Plus, I had a fair amount of paranomal events that no one had an answer for.  Now, wouldn't it be nice to go to a place where no one pressures you to follow them, but just allows you to go and gain wisdom at your own pace?  From the wisdom I think I've gained (and it took a long time) that seems to be the higher way to go.  We should all be allowed to find our own truth, right?

The building pictured above is called the Self Realization Meditation Healing Center, a non profit, in Bath Michigan.  It is run by Joanne and Paul Rowe.  Bath is just outside of Lansing Michigan.  It is almost like a bed and breakfast but as the name implies it is a place to go to get away from the noise and get in touch with inner guidance.  They teach a form of meditation and yoga in a peacefull relaxed setting that let's you go at your own pace.  To find out more about this: www.selfrealizationcentremichigan.org

Maybe some of you are not comfortable with this, it conflicts with your beliefs.  Since this is my site I will always be going down a road that takes me towards answers.  I look at it this way.  If the message is unconditional love, joyfull, positive, then I will at least take a look at it.  I will say this, some of what Joanne says echoes in some of my former guests and I found her to be a very positive guest.  To me, the truth comes in many forms and part of the fun in being here is to find the different ways it is presented.


April 1st, 2011

Lent3.jpgOriginally I had a show lined up for this week but I've put in on hold until I clear a few things up.  My concern is to not promote something that may not be quite up to speed, with that said I am not implying anything one way or another.  I just want to make sure.

If you haven't heard my interview with Bruce Gernon I think his story is one of the coolest mysteries around.  Back in the 1970's Bruce and two others had an unexplainable event near the Bermuda Triangle that involved what Bruce termed electronic fog.  This fog seemed to follow his plane, not only that but at the end when they finally made it out he went an incredible distance in a matter of seconds.  Now how could that happen?  Bruce has been on many shows talking about this incredible experience.

What could it be?  Most seem to think it's one of three things.  One, natural phenomena.  Two, ufo related.  Three, military related.  My best guess since I've heard stories for years about ufo encounters in that area is that it's ufo related.  What do you make of this?



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