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reveranddebbyoutdoors.jpg I am not a religious man.  I am not promoting religion.  I am not asking anyone to join anything or follow anyone, make your own decisions, choose what's best for you.  But, I have to admit that I am a very spiritual person who believes in an all loving creator that allows us to spiritually evolve at our own pace.  Now if I were passing through this site and I saw the picture I may keep going because the last thing I want is someone telling me what to believe in.  This show is not about that, it is not even remotely about that.

The woman above is Reverand Debby Bergeon, or just Debby as many call her.  She is not into titles, she doesn't always care how she is dressed, she doesn't pretend to be righteous, she is just herself.  I would describe as a fun, loving, jovial, open minded being, a being who accepts all for the way they are and her goal is not to convert anyone.  Her goal is to present her gift, and her gift is an ability to communicate with angels.  Through this communication she brings comfort, love, and sometimes messages from the other side.  I've seen it first hand over and over.  However, this show is not about that.  It is about 3 strange incidents that have occured in Debby's life that she has no explanation for.  How can you have an important conversation with someone and then when you see them again they have forgotten it ever took place?  Well, they just don't remember?  Maybe.  But these incidents are really unusual.  I'll give you an example:  One of Debby's friends tells her that her daughter is pregnant and is concerned.  Weeks later Debby runs into her and asks how the pregnancy is going?  "What pregnancy, she better not be, where did you get that?"  Now I can see forgetting a trivial conversation but that's something you wouldn't forget.  As it turned out the mother took her daughter to the doctor and found out she was pregnant.  So, what about the earlier conversation, how did that take place, and where?  I can't answer that, I can only say that there are those that theorize that we are multi dimensional beings and that there are countless moments playing out in other dimensions, perhaps at times some of us tap into those places.  Sound crazy?  Can you recall if this has ever happened to you or someone you know?  They swear they had a conversation with you and you tell them no, or vice versa.  What's amazing about Debby's experiences is that she had validation with each of these occurances. 

I think when some of us look at a Reverend we may be intimidated, they are a man or woman of God.  Debby is not that, I mean really not that.  She is just a being of love who tries to help others regardless of what you believe or don't believe.  My show will never be about promoting anything to change your beliefs.  You have your journey and I have mine.

UnionUniform.jpgI threw this picture in because Debby described me in this coat during the Civil War, not a big deal right?  She described the gold buttons without really knowing how the uniform looked.  I dug this up after her reading. 

Debby and I may not see eye to eye on everything but we do see one common theme in the universe, unconditional love.


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