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Spirit-Warrior--50313.jpgI don't know about you but I have been feeling more tension lately, it really is unusual for me to feel that way.  Is it my attitude?  Is it the so called earth changes?  Am I becoming more sensitive so that I start feeling these things?  Is there something in this building?

Certainly many are feeling the squeeze because of more work pressure and maybe less free time to relax.  But what if it is true that part of the pressure is being caused by the unseen?   Could there be negative spirits around all of us that are trying to influence us?  As my friend Dan Dunlop would say, anytime we step away from love we are being influenced by some sort of spirit.  Dan is what I would call a Spirit Warrior who has had many adventures in the other realm and has gone on a few adventures with me in this realm.  I have seen him work with spirits and help cross them over, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.  While I think there are negative energies out there, my goal here is to inform and enlighten.  We all can become Spirit Warriors and realize a couple of things.  One, many of the actions we have taken have been influenced by outside forces, both positive and negative.  Two, we can remove fear and control our own destiny.

ludingtonpostsuites.jpgAt left is the old post office.  Roughly 20 years ago the dormant building was completely redone on the inside.  Our radio station is on the 3rd floor.  More than one person has told me about strange things happening.  One gal told me a chair started rocking by itself.  The tv in the newsroom turns on by itself.  One guy even told me when he worked overnights that the elevator would come to the 3rd floor and no one got out, yet out of the corner of his eye he saw shadow going down the hall!  Creepy!  But I am not talking about ghosts, they do not concern me.  Instead this show is about negative energies that are around us and trying to influence us.  Why?  They feed off of negativity.  Does this building have that?  In this episode we will find out.

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