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Lent3.jpgOriginally I had a show lined up for this week but I've put in on hold until I clear a few things up.  My concern is to not promote something that may not be quite up to speed, with that said I am not implying anything one way or another.  I just want to make sure.

If you haven't heard my interview with Bruce Gernon I think his story is one of the coolest mysteries around.  Back in the 1970's Bruce and two others had an unexplainable event near the Bermuda Triangle that involved what Bruce termed electronic fog.  This fog seemed to follow his plane, not only that but at the end when they finally made it out he went an incredible distance in a matter of seconds.  Now how could that happen?  Bruce has been on many shows talking about this incredible experience.

What could it be?  Most seem to think it's one of three things.  One, natural phenomena.  Two, ufo related.  Three, military related.  My best guess since I've heard stories for years about ufo encounters in that area is that it's ufo related.  What do you make of this?


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