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Banner-Cat-Pic.gifDoes any of this apply to you?  I'm with someone who is making my life Hell but I can't leave.  Or, I love this person but I also hate them.  Or, Why do I have people in my life that are causing me angst?

My guest this week has lived some of the above, she even wrote a book about it called Emotional Intelligence.  Her life was on a rollercoaster that was heading for a wreck.  She found her way out of the abyss and offers her experience and understanding.  What if the person who is in your life has been there before in a previous time?  Did you not get the lesson back then?  Could that explain why they're here again driving you nuts?  Or maybe because you've shared time with them you are doing it again.  Is any of this possible?  Jane Wharam is one of the few people I know that knows where she's been and who some of the players are this time around.  She was in a relationship that nearly destroyed her and through her own inner search she found answers.  Now she is working on a new book called Seperation which is due out this fall.  

Is reincartion real?  Was it actually taught at one time?  Was I Cleopatra in a former life?  Probably not!  But as I've learned recently that when we understand who we were before it may explain why we feel the way we do.  Because I have gained some knowledge of who I am more recently it has helped me understand some of my deeper feelings.  For example:  I am really drawn to flute music and native culture, now I know that I existed during a time period when native chanting and simple music was played in celebration of many things.  Do we need to know everything about a previous time?  I'm beginning to see that we don't, why remember something that could have been unpleasant, but perhaps just a glimpse can help us understand who we are now.

Jane's website:  www.janewharam.com

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