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December 29th, 2010


Did Eugene Moncla's and Robert Wilson's jet meet with a ufo on November 23rd 1953?  If so what happened to the pilot and his radar operator?  No one knows.  Or does someone actually know?  How can Gord Heath have so many memories of Eugene Moncla?  How can he have memories of meeting Robert Wilson?  Were these memories implanted by an advanced race?  Is it a psychic transferrence?  Is it all just imagination?  Or is there another answer?

If we are to believe there is other life in the universe that travels to our planet then it makes sense that their technology is much more advanced than ours.  If you look at similarities reported by abductees you will find the following: The ability to put a thought into our head so that we either see or don't see them, the ability to affect our memories, the ability to paralize us with a single thought.  Many have reported getting pregnant from these beings, then losing the child after the first trimester, and then some have been shown the crossbred child at a different date.  Sound crazy?  Well many all over the world have been talking about these stories for many years.  Those of us who've had experience with these beings know it to be true.

MonclaAndWilson.jpgImagine if these two lives were not lost on that fatefull day November 23rd 1953.  What if they were taken on board a ufo?  What happened to them after that?  What if one chose to stay and the other wanted to return to the planet?  Do you think that he could just step back into society?  Do you think he would be put under the microscope?  In this show we discuss 3 very unusual memories that Gord Heath has regarding Eugene Moncla and Robert Wilson.  How did they get there?  Gord doesn't know and it took years for some of these memories to come forward, usually they were triggered by old photographs or conversations.  Has that ever happened to you?  It certainly happens to me all the time.  This show is a bit longer than normal, just so you know, and we will have a part 3 coming next week because there is so much to relay.

Remember Close Encounters Of The Third Kind?  Some of you may already be picking up on this.  Remember at the end of the movie when the crew of Flight 19 walked out of the alien spaceship?  I have heard from more than one person that the government is trying to tell us what's going on in certain movies.  Is it possible our government has had an agreement with an alien race that allows some of our people to be taken?  Now why would they do that?  Good question.

Want to learn more before next weeks show?  Gord's site:  http://www.ufobc.ca/kinross/


December 23rd, 2010

LtMoncla200.jpgAt left is a picture of a pilot who mysteriously disappeared in 1953 after his F89 left Kinross Airforce Base near Sault Ste. Marie Michigan in pursuit of an unknown craft.  His name was Felix Eugene Moncla Jr.  Gene Moncla along with his radar operator Robert Wilson vanished without a trace.  It was reported on radar that the F89  merged with another craft on the radar.  Many explantions were given, none stuck.

The incident would have faded away into history had it not been for a few people, one being Major Keyhoe, a well known ufo investigator in his time.  Below is one account of Keyhoe's investigation:

In 1958 Keyhoe got hold of a leaked Air Force document that made it clear that officialdom considered the Kinross incident a UFO encounter of the strangest kind. The document quoted these words from a radar observer who had been there: "It seems incredible, but the blip apparently just swallowed our F-89." The following year, in conversations with civilian ufologists Tom Comella and Edgar Smith, M. Sgt. O. D. Hill of Project Blue Book confided that such incidents -- he claimed Kinross had not been the only one -- had officials worried. Many, he said, believed UFOs to be of extraterrestrial origin and wanted to prevent an interplanetary Pearl Harbor. Cornelia subsequently confronted Hill's superior, Capt. George T. Gregory, at Blue Book headquarters. Gregory looked shocked, left the room for a short period, and returned to state, "Well, we just cannot talk about those cases."

Imagine how sad it must have been to for the families to never know what became of these two men.


AGordHeathInLa.jpgAt left is a man by the name of Gord Heath.  Gord lives just outside of Vancouver in Brittish Columbia Canada.  Gord has taken quite an interest in the Kinross incident.  He has studied the so called facts, even talked to family members and to the pilot of a Royal Canadian aircraft that was supposed to be what Moncla's jet intercepted on November 23rd 1953.  I always wonder what drives some people to be so involved in events they weren't even alive for.  I also believe that if we dig deep enough we will usually find the truth, and in this case the truth is mind numbing.  This weeks show is just about the disappearance of the F89 and the facts surrounding the case.  Next week's show may blow you away and will have answers as to what may have happened to the F89, Gene Moncla, and Robert Wilson and how Gord Heath is connected to all of this.


December 16th, 2010

danannimated.jpgI don't know about you but my life has really been pretty pleasant, at least my adult life.  I really haven't had many problems, it's been stable.  I can't say that for my guest this week.  Dan Dunlop has walked a difficult journey, many in his family have.  Dan has made it out to the other side and turned his life around.  A few years back that may have not been the case, but he is clean and sober now and not afraid to talk about it.

But it's really more than that, this is not just about Dan's sobriety.  It's about his spiritual journey.  Dan has seen the darkness, and while I don't talk a lot about that topic on this show, I feel the need to delve into it a bit this time.  A recent tragic event happened on a national level not far from here and it's pretty hard to ignore.  Why did this have to happen?  No one knows for sure, but as you step back perhaps you see a bigger picture as to what may be going on all over.  Dan has witnessed some very strange things in the spirit world, he senses and sees things (I believe) that others do not see.  He has been accurate on his visions.  This show is not meant to put fear into anyone, rather just the opposite.  By knowing the truth you can become empowered.  The hard part is knowing who's speaking it.

Off this week

December 8th, 2010

I'm off this week, and will have a new show next week.


December 3rd, 2010

guardian-angel-ghost-tn.jpgThere are some who claim they can receive messages from those who have passed over.  Are they for real, or are they fakes?  Are some of these intuitives better than others?  Does experience and repetition play into it?

Well, I think experience and repetition plays into it.  And I think there are those who are not being truthful.  My guest this week is Maggie Wanner, Maggie claims to have had this ability to see things since she was a young child.  Back then she was discouraged to speak about what she was seeing.  It took many many years for Maggie to come forward with her abilities because of fear.  Only in the last few years has she started to talk about her abilities and how they may help others.  This week I put Maggie to the test with a reading for me and a second reading for a co-worker.  How did she do?  Did she tell us things that made sense?  Somewhat.  Some of it didn't make sense.  And some of it blew me away.  Now, this is very personal information to me, but I don't mind sharing it.  Does Maggie have the ability to help others communicate with loved ones who've died?  Ten years ago I would have said no, but due to my experience with these types of readings, I'm thinking she does have the ability.  I learned that the message is not always as clear as we'd like it to be, due in part to the intuitive's translation and in part to the spirit who's sending the message.  You can judge for yourself.  One thing I will note is that Maggie is connected to a group of people out of Northern Lower Michigan who I do trust and have not steered me wrong before.


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