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Did Eugene Moncla's and Robert Wilson's jet meet with a ufo on November 23rd 1953?  If so what happened to the pilot and his radar operator?  No one knows.  Or does someone actually know?  How can Gord Heath have so many memories of Eugene Moncla?  How can he have memories of meeting Robert Wilson?  Were these memories implanted by an advanced race?  Is it a psychic transferrence?  Is it all just imagination?  Or is there another answer?

If we are to believe there is other life in the universe that travels to our planet then it makes sense that their technology is much more advanced than ours.  If you look at similarities reported by abductees you will find the following: The ability to put a thought into our head so that we either see or don't see them, the ability to affect our memories, the ability to paralize us with a single thought.  Many have reported getting pregnant from these beings, then losing the child after the first trimester, and then some have been shown the crossbred child at a different date.  Sound crazy?  Well many all over the world have been talking about these stories for many years.  Those of us who've had experience with these beings know it to be true.

MonclaAndWilson.jpgImagine if these two lives were not lost on that fatefull day November 23rd 1953.  What if they were taken on board a ufo?  What happened to them after that?  What if one chose to stay and the other wanted to return to the planet?  Do you think that he could just step back into society?  Do you think he would be put under the microscope?  In this show we discuss 3 very unusual memories that Gord Heath has regarding Eugene Moncla and Robert Wilson.  How did they get there?  Gord doesn't know and it took years for some of these memories to come forward, usually they were triggered by old photographs or conversations.  Has that ever happened to you?  It certainly happens to me all the time.  This show is a bit longer than normal, just so you know, and we will have a part 3 coming next week because there is so much to relay.

Remember Close Encounters Of The Third Kind?  Some of you may already be picking up on this.  Remember at the end of the movie when the crew of Flight 19 walked out of the alien spaceship?  I have heard from more than one person that the government is trying to tell us what's going on in certain movies.  Is it possible our government has had an agreement with an alien race that allows some of our people to be taken?  Now why would they do that?  Good question.

Want to learn more before next weeks show?  Gord's site:  http://www.ufobc.ca/kinross/

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