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danannimated.jpgI don't know about you but my life has really been pretty pleasant, at least my adult life.  I really haven't had many problems, it's been stable.  I can't say that for my guest this week.  Dan Dunlop has walked a difficult journey, many in his family have.  Dan has made it out to the other side and turned his life around.  A few years back that may have not been the case, but he is clean and sober now and not afraid to talk about it.

But it's really more than that, this is not just about Dan's sobriety.  It's about his spiritual journey.  Dan has seen the darkness, and while I don't talk a lot about that topic on this show, I feel the need to delve into it a bit this time.  A recent tragic event happened on a national level not far from here and it's pretty hard to ignore.  Why did this have to happen?  No one knows for sure, but as you step back perhaps you see a bigger picture as to what may be going on all over.  Dan has witnessed some very strange things in the spirit world, he senses and sees things (I believe) that others do not see.  He has been accurate on his visions.  This show is not meant to put fear into anyone, rather just the opposite.  By knowing the truth you can become empowered.  The hard part is knowing who's speaking it.

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