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guardian-angel-ghost-tn.jpgThere are some who claim they can receive messages from those who have passed over.  Are they for real, or are they fakes?  Are some of these intuitives better than others?  Does experience and repetition play into it?

Well, I think experience and repetition plays into it.  And I think there are those who are not being truthful.  My guest this week is Maggie Wanner, Maggie claims to have had this ability to see things since she was a young child.  Back then she was discouraged to speak about what she was seeing.  It took many many years for Maggie to come forward with her abilities because of fear.  Only in the last few years has she started to talk about her abilities and how they may help others.  This week I put Maggie to the test with a reading for me and a second reading for a co-worker.  How did she do?  Did she tell us things that made sense?  Somewhat.  Some of it didn't make sense.  And some of it blew me away.  Now, this is very personal information to me, but I don't mind sharing it.  Does Maggie have the ability to help others communicate with loved ones who've died?  Ten years ago I would have said no, but due to my experience with these types of readings, I'm thinking she does have the ability.  I learned that the message is not always as clear as we'd like it to be, due in part to the intuitive's translation and in part to the spirit who's sending the message.  You can judge for yourself.  One thing I will note is that Maggie is connected to a group of people out of Northern Lower Michigan who I do trust and have not steered me wrong before.

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