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LtMoncla200.jpgAt left is a picture of a pilot who mysteriously disappeared in 1953 after his F89 left Kinross Airforce Base near Sault Ste. Marie Michigan in pursuit of an unknown craft.  His name was Felix Eugene Moncla Jr.  Gene Moncla along with his radar operator Robert Wilson vanished without a trace.  It was reported on radar that the F89  merged with another craft on the radar.  Many explantions were given, none stuck.

The incident would have faded away into history had it not been for a few people, one being Major Keyhoe, a well known ufo investigator in his time.  Below is one account of Keyhoe's investigation:

In 1958 Keyhoe got hold of a leaked Air Force document that made it clear that officialdom considered the Kinross incident a UFO encounter of the strangest kind. The document quoted these words from a radar observer who had been there: "It seems incredible, but the blip apparently just swallowed our F-89." The following year, in conversations with civilian ufologists Tom Comella and Edgar Smith, M. Sgt. O. D. Hill of Project Blue Book confided that such incidents -- he claimed Kinross had not been the only one -- had officials worried. Many, he said, believed UFOs to be of extraterrestrial origin and wanted to prevent an interplanetary Pearl Harbor. Cornelia subsequently confronted Hill's superior, Capt. George T. Gregory, at Blue Book headquarters. Gregory looked shocked, left the room for a short period, and returned to state, "Well, we just cannot talk about those cases."

Imagine how sad it must have been to for the families to never know what became of these two men.


AGordHeathInLa.jpgAt left is a man by the name of Gord Heath.  Gord lives just outside of Vancouver in Brittish Columbia Canada.  Gord has taken quite an interest in the Kinross incident.  He has studied the so called facts, even talked to family members and to the pilot of a Royal Canadian aircraft that was supposed to be what Moncla's jet intercepted on November 23rd 1953.  I always wonder what drives some people to be so involved in events they weren't even alive for.  I also believe that if we dig deep enough we will usually find the truth, and in this case the truth is mind numbing.  This weeks show is just about the disappearance of the F89 and the facts surrounding the case.  Next week's show may blow you away and will have answers as to what may have happened to the F89, Gene Moncla, and Robert Wilson and how Gord Heath is connected to all of this.

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