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April 29th, 2009

evolutionconspiracy.jpgMost of us were taught creationism or evolution.  I was never quite sure which one to believe when I was younger.  I always believed we were created by God, or a higher power, but I also kind of thought that we evolved physically as well.  I totally believe that we evolve as spiritual beings.  But what about physically?

Lisa Shiel, like many, has been researching evolution theories for quite some time now.  She has come to see that, like many, much of what is said does not add up.  It appears that where the facts do not quite fit, items have been made up.  Furthermore to even challenge these findings without a degree is unquestionable.  My thought is:  Who amongst us is beyond question?

Like many, I have accepted what I was told for years without question and never took the time to investigate.  Does that sound like a familiar pattern with this show?  If there is any truth to what Lisa uncovered then perhaps it is just the tip of the iceberg.  What else in our past is inaccurate, or at least could be inaccurate?  Could this also support a possible truth regarding some of our mysteries?


April 22nd, 2009

antouija.jpgI'm guessing there was a time when many of you may have played with one of these as a kid.  Did you have parents that were into what some would consider "strange" things?  Perhaps they were but you just never found out.  My buddy Dan joins me this week as he discusses something that was pretty common place when he was a kid, talking to the dead.  Yeah, that's a pretty normal thing right? Dan's mother had many abilities and interests, yet she always protected and shielded her children from these sessions.   Realize that this took place over forty years ago and these kinds of things were not encouraged by most.  Even talking about them could cause severe repercussions, especially in smaller communities. 

This is not just about playing around with a Ouija board, because who knows how accurate that can be.  It is a series of strange events that happened to a family in the 1960s and 70s.  It is (in my opinion) a celebration of an amazing woman who had many abilities that some of us only wish we had.


April 15th, 2009

book.jpgWhat are we at our core?  Energy?  What else?  Consciousness?   Are we really who we think we are, or are we really who we've been programmed to think we are?  Who programmed us?  Our parents, with good intentions but not always sound reasoning.  Is our programming just from this time?  Good question!

Did you ever stop and notice how much your way of thinking and believing effected the world around you?  Why do people treat you the way they do?  Why do certain things happen to you?Thomas Daniel Nehrer has spent a good part of his life trying to understand this mystery.  He has uncovered what he believes to be some hidden truths. 

What if we could be reprogrammed to think ourselves well?  Not just to think it, but to believe it!  What else could we change about ourself if we wanted?  Are there any limits to what we can achieve?  Is it all that simple?                       

 www.nehrer.net      TomNehrer1.jpg


April 7th, 2009

frontbookcovercopyTN.jpg  I've always wondered why the UFO incidents I heard about from the fifties were so different that what you hear about today.  The crafts were different, even the beings were different.  Part of me thought that there were a lot of looney people who lived back then, or the facts were not accurate.  Really?  Seriously, even a guy like myself who has had many weird things happen and believes in some pretty strange things.  Why did these things just seem to dissappear?

Enter Frank Feschino.  18 years of his life have been dedicated to an incident that took place in 1952.  Frank has pieced together eye witness testimony along with government documents and other evidence to explain what took place.  Not just a couple of people who think they saw something, but many eye witnesses with close up accounts.   The following is one of the most detailed accounts of a close encounter that took place some fifty years ago.

Do you recall hearing about UFO's over the Whitehouse in the 1950's?  This is also connected to that incident.  Below is Frank standing near a tree where the "Monster" was spotted.

WWW.FLATWOODSMONSTER.COM       frankandtree.jpg


April 2nd, 2009

oregano-plant.jpg I've been wanting to talk about this for quite some time, I've been waiting for things to fall into place.  I don't know when that will be, so why not now?  I was hoping to have a good friend on to talk about his own recovery, as well as his fathers.  That will be for another time. 

Is it possible that your body could heal itself completely if it were given what it needed?  Are there a large number of people who have done this?How come we don't hear about this more?




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