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evolutionconspiracy.jpgMost of us were taught creationism or evolution.  I was never quite sure which one to believe when I was younger.  I always believed we were created by God, or a higher power, but I also kind of thought that we evolved physically as well.  I totally believe that we evolve as spiritual beings.  But what about physically?

Lisa Shiel, like many, has been researching evolution theories for quite some time now.  She has come to see that, like many, much of what is said does not add up.  It appears that where the facts do not quite fit, items have been made up.  Furthermore to even challenge these findings without a degree is unquestionable.  My thought is:  Who amongst us is beyond question?

Like many, I have accepted what I was told for years without question and never took the time to investigate.  Does that sound like a familiar pattern with this show?  If there is any truth to what Lisa uncovered then perhaps it is just the tip of the iceberg.  What else in our past is inaccurate, or at least could be inaccurate?  Could this also support a possible truth regarding some of our mysteries?

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