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book.jpgWhat are we at our core?  Energy?  What else?  Consciousness?   Are we really who we think we are, or are we really who we've been programmed to think we are?  Who programmed us?  Our parents, with good intentions but not always sound reasoning.  Is our programming just from this time?  Good question!

Did you ever stop and notice how much your way of thinking and believing effected the world around you?  Why do people treat you the way they do?  Why do certain things happen to you?Thomas Daniel Nehrer has spent a good part of his life trying to understand this mystery.  He has uncovered what he believes to be some hidden truths. 

What if we could be reprogrammed to think ourselves well?  Not just to think it, but to believe it!  What else could we change about ourself if we wanted?  Are there any limits to what we can achieve?  Is it all that simple?                       

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