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antouija.jpgI'm guessing there was a time when many of you may have played with one of these as a kid.  Did you have parents that were into what some would consider "strange" things?  Perhaps they were but you just never found out.  My buddy Dan joins me this week as he discusses something that was pretty common place when he was a kid, talking to the dead.  Yeah, that's a pretty normal thing right? Dan's mother had many abilities and interests, yet she always protected and shielded her children from these sessions.   Realize that this took place over forty years ago and these kinds of things were not encouraged by most.  Even talking about them could cause severe repercussions, especially in smaller communities. 

This is not just about playing around with a Ouija board, because who knows how accurate that can be.  It is a series of strange events that happened to a family in the 1960s and 70s.  It is (in my opinion) a celebration of an amazing woman who had many abilities that some of us only wish we had.

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