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frontbookcovercopyTN.jpg  I've always wondered why the UFO incidents I heard about from the fifties were so different that what you hear about today.  The crafts were different, even the beings were different.  Part of me thought that there were a lot of looney people who lived back then, or the facts were not accurate.  Really?  Seriously, even a guy like myself who has had many weird things happen and believes in some pretty strange things.  Why did these things just seem to dissappear?

Enter Frank Feschino.  18 years of his life have been dedicated to an incident that took place in 1952.  Frank has pieced together eye witness testimony along with government documents and other evidence to explain what took place.  Not just a couple of people who think they saw something, but many eye witnesses with close up accounts.   The following is one of the most detailed accounts of a close encounter that took place some fifty years ago.

Do you recall hearing about UFO's over the Whitehouse in the 1950's?  This is also connected to that incident.  Below is Frank standing near a tree where the "Monster" was spotted.

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