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May 30th, 2014

susanmoll.pngJoy talks with her good friend Suze Moll. 

Suze Moll is a visionary artist, a teacher, a Mom and master of mischief to two beautiful daughters. By using creativity to nurture the spirit in children, she reminds parents to encourage the creative spirit in their children. Suze's love for design, creativity,painting, and sewing has lead her to create a one-of-a-kind, up-cycled green clothing company called ReMix.

During summer months, she spends her time directing summer camps for "Imagine That". Providing children with an opportunity to create original ideas through self-expression in the great outdoors is one of Suze's passions. Her love of travel has brought her to China numerous times. While there with her daughters, she felt the pull to help with children in need of adoption.

In her free time she continues to experiment with different types of media creating works of art in her studio under the watchful eye of her furry family. Suze grew up in Danville Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Syracuse University, in New York. She currently resides in Harrisburg, PA with her family and two dogs. Suzes work is show cased at her studio and Shoppes on Market in Elizabethtown.

It's Suze's creative spirit and love of children that's brought her to Tee-shirts for Peace as team member. Along with designing cloths for us she offers a variety of products and services through out our website. Her generous heart and creative, soulful genius has blessed us in more ways than we can count. We are excited and honored to include Suze as one of our Advocates.



May 22nd, 2014

MARKANTHONY.jpgThey call him the Psychic Lawyer.  Mark Anthony has been psychic his whole life, even his parents were psychic.  He wrote a book to help us realize that we are never alone and that loved ones who pass often come back to rescue us from our grief.  In the end it's about letting go of grief and pain, but Never Letting Go . . . Of The Love.  We all go on according to Mark, and the love on the other side is unconditional. 

After reading most of the book prior to this interview I can really see how it could be helpful to so many who can't quite let go.  Much of the book is taken from Mark's own experiences and readings for others, the message is often the same, we are eternal, we are loved, and we are spiritually evolving and our loved ones will come back in our time of grief to help us.  The love of the universe is always there for us.



May 16th, 2014


Music moves our soul, can it heal us?  Can we tap into a type of music that exists in the highest vibrations of the universe?  Would that music allow us to have a special connection with ourselves?


Ted Slipchinsky is a mystic singer, writer and songwriter who lives in Southern Vermont.  Around 20 years ago,  after undergoing an intense Kundalini-like experience, he began (with no musical training) to compose and sing several original songs.


His transformational experience began one evening when, in frustration, he cried out to the universe for assistance in feeling “more alive”. The next day an “explosion” of energy arose within him. He describes the experience as feeling as if a cosmic generator had been attached to the back of his head and the stillness between his thoughts, what he calls the “stuff” of consciousness, came to life as a vibrating pulsating Force.


As he gradually learned to balance this energy, he was shocked to find that his voice was transforming from that of a non-singer to one of almost operatic quality. In addition, melodies (and sometimes words) were arising through him from a place he simply calls “Home”; a sacred space of remembering that moves him to tears.


Ted believes that people who open to his songs and writings can feel the sacredness of their own Being, by unifying with the vibration which these works carry.


Ted joins Joy and me this week with his amazing story, also Joy speaks with Amelia Earhart, what really happened to her?






May 13th, 2014

I sure hope you're one of us, and not them.  Phew, that was close, I thought you might be with them.  You ever notice how it's one or the other in our society.  As a broadcaster who's been in media for over 30 years it sure appears to me that we're being manipulated by some of our network news sources.  And why would they do that you ask?  Several reasons.  Control, keep us at each others throats, and keep us from looking at the man behind the curtain.  Normally I almost never do shows like this because it is hard to prove anything and I do not wish to stir the pot and create more division.  I'd rather focus on the light.  My problem is, I'm none of the above.  I don't fit into a certain category.  I am neither Democrat nor Republican.  Can't say I wish to be in either category, can't say I agree with either party all the time.  This is not a judgement of those who are, and I'm not trying to divide my listeners, in fact just the opposite.  I had a very unique mother, she would always try to look at things from anothers perspective, it drove my dad nuts, but it was a blessing to be around that openess.  Do you think the world would have as many problems if we all just looked at things from our enemies perspective?  Why won't this happen?  Perhaps there are more things going on behind the scenes that keep us divided.  Perhaps it has to do with a much bigger picture.  Possible?

Also a plug for two upcoming events:

Saturday at 7 at Dale Thomas Center "A Night With The Angels, doors open at 6:30, tickets are $15 at the door.  Reverend Debby Bergeon will do a group reading and explain her process as well as take questions and answers.  The first 25 people will receive an angel meditation cd.

Tuesday May 20th at 6pm at Dale Thomas Center, John St Augustine and Cathy Bolton will do a mini version of Songs In The Key Of Life.  Tickets are $30, that includes a catered meal, call 906-474-7027.  A night of inspiration and music.

Part of the proceeds from both events will go back to the Dale Thomas Center.


May 2nd, 2014

imagesCARP8UEQ.jpgThe president of the board of Soul Support Systems joins us this week to discuss her life's journey, being guided by her soul.  Jayn Stewart has felt the need to go places at times and had the courage to listen to her soul.  While some in her family didn't quite understand at the time, she followed her heart.  This show is a copy of Joy Of Union hosted by Joy Regina Melchezidek.  You can find it on her site at:  www.joyofunion.podbean.com

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