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Music moves our soul, can it heal us?  Can we tap into a type of music that exists in the highest vibrations of the universe?  Would that music allow us to have a special connection with ourselves?


Ted Slipchinsky is a mystic singer, writer and songwriter who lives in Southern Vermont.  Around 20 years ago,  after undergoing an intense Kundalini-like experience, he began (with no musical training) to compose and sing several original songs.


His transformational experience began one evening when, in frustration, he cried out to the universe for assistance in feeling “more alive”. The next day an “explosion” of energy arose within him. He describes the experience as feeling as if a cosmic generator had been attached to the back of his head and the stillness between his thoughts, what he calls the “stuff” of consciousness, came to life as a vibrating pulsating Force.


As he gradually learned to balance this energy, he was shocked to find that his voice was transforming from that of a non-singer to one of almost operatic quality. In addition, melodies (and sometimes words) were arising through him from a place he simply calls “Home”; a sacred space of remembering that moves him to tears.


Ted believes that people who open to his songs and writings can feel the sacredness of their own Being, by unifying with the vibration which these works carry.


Ted joins Joy and me this week with his amazing story, also Joy speaks with Amelia Earhart, what really happened to her?





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