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MARKANTHONY.jpgThey call him the Psychic Lawyer.  Mark Anthony has been psychic his whole life, even his parents were psychic.  He wrote a book to help us realize that we are never alone and that loved ones who pass often come back to rescue us from our grief.  In the end it's about letting go of grief and pain, but Never Letting Go . . . Of The Love.  We all go on according to Mark, and the love on the other side is unconditional. 

After reading most of the book prior to this interview I can really see how it could be helpful to so many who can't quite let go.  Much of the book is taken from Mark's own experiences and readings for others, the message is often the same, we are eternal, we are loved, and we are spiritually evolving and our loved ones will come back in our time of grief to help us.  The love of the universe is always there for us.


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