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I sure hope you're one of us, and not them.  Phew, that was close, I thought you might be with them.  You ever notice how it's one or the other in our society.  As a broadcaster who's been in media for over 30 years it sure appears to me that we're being manipulated by some of our network news sources.  And why would they do that you ask?  Several reasons.  Control, keep us at each others throats, and keep us from looking at the man behind the curtain.  Normally I almost never do shows like this because it is hard to prove anything and I do not wish to stir the pot and create more division.  I'd rather focus on the light.  My problem is, I'm none of the above.  I don't fit into a certain category.  I am neither Democrat nor Republican.  Can't say I wish to be in either category, can't say I agree with either party all the time.  This is not a judgement of those who are, and I'm not trying to divide my listeners, in fact just the opposite.  I had a very unique mother, she would always try to look at things from anothers perspective, it drove my dad nuts, but it was a blessing to be around that openess.  Do you think the world would have as many problems if we all just looked at things from our enemies perspective?  Why won't this happen?  Perhaps there are more things going on behind the scenes that keep us divided.  Perhaps it has to do with a much bigger picture.  Possible?

Also a plug for two upcoming events:

Saturday at 7 at Dale Thomas Center "A Night With The Angels, doors open at 6:30, tickets are $15 at the door.  Reverend Debby Bergeon will do a group reading and explain her process as well as take questions and answers.  The first 25 people will receive an angel meditation cd.

Tuesday May 20th at 6pm at Dale Thomas Center, John St Augustine and Cathy Bolton will do a mini version of Songs In The Key Of Life.  Tickets are $30, that includes a catered meal, call 906-474-7027.  A night of inspiration and music.

Part of the proceeds from both events will go back to the Dale Thomas Center.

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