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April 30th, 2014

I got an email from David Twitchell, who has become a good friend and he told me "his Laura", as he terms it, has passed to the other side.  My condolences for my "brother" and while there is some sadness we both believe her spirit is finally free.  What many will never know is their special connection that goes beyond this lifetime and fortunately they both knew about it.  Soul mates?  No question.  Twin Flames?  Possibly.  A love that goes beyond our physical bodies.  Without a doubt.

Coming soon a new show with my spiritual sister Joy.  And a reminder that Reverend Debby will be at the Dale Thomas Center On May 17th, doors open at 6:30.  Group readings, meditation, q & a and more.  Tickets are $15 and available at the the door, event starts at 7.


April 25th, 2014


This week Cathy Bolton talks with me about her upcoming appearances, one in Escanaba Michigan on May 10th.  Cathy also talks about choosing to take care of her mother, there was a time when the children took care of their aging parents, in many ways I'm sure it wasn't easy but there were blessings too.  We both believe that if anything it allows the parents to live longer, how often have you seen someone check into a home and pass shortly after.  We talk about purpose, it appears having one is what keeps us alive.  I firmly believe that if we treat others like they're feeble they will become that way, let the elderly keep their independence as long as possible.  We care about them but perhaps in doing so we take away some of their power.  It's like that in any relationship we have.
Cathy also talks about her retreats with author Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations With God.  She's been singing at his retreats for many years, she truly has a great voice and her music speaks to your soul.  At the end of the interview you'll hear one of her great songs.
Get ticket information at:


April 19th, 2014


Joy Regina Melchezidek joins me for her show Joy Of Union.  Pretty interesting this week.  We take a couple calls and then Joy channels Joan Of Arc.  I've always been fascinated with her story and figured there was probably much more to her than we were told.  Could I have known her at one time?  Really interesting show and once again my sister Joy is just amazing.






April 10th, 2014


Jared Heyman started a company called Crowd Med, he was inspired after watching his sister was suffering from something no one could diagnose.  Jared had read about how groups of people working on a project, even independently, could solve problems and come up with answers.  So could that be used for undiagnosed illnesses?  How does it work?  The best way I can understand it is that it's almost like a collective conciousness that taps into something greater.  People share their own experiences, or even intuition.  Anyone can help solve a case.  Does it work?  Crowd Med tracks it's cases and there have been many amazing results.  So, what makes this work?  My feeling, in part, is the psychic connection we have to one another and the Oneness.

What's also cool about Jared's story?  He felt he was guided every step of his journey and there were plenty of signs along the way.  He went on a sabatical and meditated before he made his decisions, his answers became clear and he connected the dots.






April 3rd, 2014


What if you could accelerate your thoughts?  What keeps us from doing that?  This week Flo Magdalena joins me with Joy Melchezidek on Joy Of Union, Joy's show.  Flo, the founder of Soul Support Systems, shows me how to clear stuff in my left brain, release it, and then reintergrate it with my right brain and my essence.  I'll have to say that during this show I didn't really notice anything, but in the days to come a couple of issues that have been on my mind for a while appeared to be crystal clear.  Did Flo help me?  I think so.  I know Joy has helped me everytime we've done energy work and I've talked to some co-workers and friends who felt the same.  From what I can see of Soul Support Systems, it really seems to help others.

 I'll have to say I learned a lot about myself in this show and how Flo pegged what is in my deepest thoughts is beyond amazing.










April 1st, 2014


This broadcast was done a week and a half ago with Reverend Debby trying to locate the missing Malaysian flight that has the whole world wondering.  Was this a terrorist act?  Was someone tampering with the plane?  What became of the plane and it's passengers?  Reverend Debby asked the angels and she shares what they tell her.  Also, part of this show are taken from out Psychic Friday show that we do on the radio every Friday.

Above is a drawing done by some children, how touching.  I hope they are okay as well.






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