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I got an email from David Twitchell, who has become a good friend and he told me "his Laura", as he terms it, has passed to the other side.  My condolences for my "brother" and while there is some sadness we both believe her spirit is finally free.  What many will never know is their special connection that goes beyond this lifetime and fortunately they both knew about it.  Soul mates?  No question.  Twin Flames?  Possibly.  A love that goes beyond our physical bodies.  Without a doubt.

Coming soon a new show with my spiritual sister Joy.  And a reminder that Reverend Debby will be at the Dale Thomas Center On May 17th, doors open at 6:30.  Group readings, meditation, q & a and more.  Tickets are $15 and available at the the door, event starts at 7.

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