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This week Cathy Bolton talks with me about her upcoming appearances, one in Escanaba Michigan on May 10th.  Cathy also talks about choosing to take care of her mother, there was a time when the children took care of their aging parents, in many ways I'm sure it wasn't easy but there were blessings too.  We both believe that if anything it allows the parents to live longer, how often have you seen someone check into a home and pass shortly after.  We talk about purpose, it appears having one is what keeps us alive.  I firmly believe that if we treat others like they're feeble they will become that way, let the elderly keep their independence as long as possible.  We care about them but perhaps in doing so we take away some of their power.  It's like that in any relationship we have.
Cathy also talks about her retreats with author Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations With God.  She's been singing at his retreats for many years, she truly has a great voice and her music speaks to your soul.  At the end of the interview you'll hear one of her great songs.
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