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Jared Heyman started a company called Crowd Med, he was inspired after watching his sister was suffering from something no one could diagnose.  Jared had read about how groups of people working on a project, even independently, could solve problems and come up with answers.  So could that be used for undiagnosed illnesses?  How does it work?  The best way I can understand it is that it's almost like a collective conciousness that taps into something greater.  People share their own experiences, or even intuition.  Anyone can help solve a case.  Does it work?  Crowd Med tracks it's cases and there have been many amazing results.  So, what makes this work?  My feeling, in part, is the psychic connection we have to one another and the Oneness.

What's also cool about Jared's story?  He felt he was guided every step of his journey and there were plenty of signs along the way.  He went on a sabatical and meditated before he made his decisions, his answers became clear and he connected the dots.





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